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Business Culture And Strategy Essay

2417 words - 10 pages

Investigative Report of China Telecom

For China Telecom Corporation Limited

Name: Shi Lin
Date: 22/06/2010


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Title of report 1

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Introduction 3

Section1. How China Telecom develop plans for customer care strategy 4

Section2. Standards of customer care of China Telecom 5

Section3. Quantitative Aspects and Qualitative aspects ...view middle of the document...

China Telecom considers customers to be food and clothing suppliers, they bearing this concept in mind. Keeping service foremost considered as the ultimate goal of China Telecom and is the sole choice for winning satisfaction from customer. China Telecom implementing this concept in the whole operation and management process of China Telecom Limit Corporation for the purpose of attract requirements and satisfy requirements form customers. China Telecom also promised that “Service will be no end; we will provide foremost service forever and pursued satisfaction from our customers forever”.
For excellent customer care, China Telecom provides different series of products and services for customers to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectation. The main products including China Vent Program, China Net, PHS (short for Personal Handy phone System), forgone, Hotline 10000, Toll Free Service 800, D-net and Calling Card, Inept (such as ADSL, LAN, WLAN, IDSN), Fixed-line SMS. These products and services satisfy most customers; however, customers should spend more money on them.

With the high technology products and high quality services, the turnover of China Telecom in 2007 was more than 886 billion, and the gross profit in 2007 was over 134 billion, however, it indicated a falling trend. While the turnover of China Netcom, the biggest competitor in China of China Telecom, was less than China Telecom, but it indicated a increasing trend. According to some researches, the reason was that although China Telecom provides high quality and high technology products and services, it cost more than China Netcom, as a result, people who having low income prefer to China Netcom than China Telecom as they have ability to afford for the products and services. Besides, the biggest competitors in international are the telecommunications trades in America and Japan. China Telecom should make more effort to catch up with them.
A corporate mission identifies the objective and value of an enterprise, it is the vision of the organization, shows the values or principles of the organization. The mission of China Telecom is “Sharing the Best of This Information Age”, which not only indicates the aim to keep up-to-date with the internationally advanced level in the background of economy globalization, but to realize sustainable and healthy development.

The deeply meanings of this mission are “Sharing” “Information civilization” “Keeping pace with the world”. China Telecom excise a solemn promise “sharing” to its customers, employees, shareholders and public, to indicate the basic value positioning in devoting its efforts to serve them and meet customers’ satisfaction. “Information civilization” not only a basic social background today, but a basic rule that China Telecom follows. China Telecom is to become a leading force in creating information civilization, which make contribution to customers to get rid of space and time barriers and to realize information...

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