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Business Environement Essay

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Milestone & Progress report of BLED Activities (Jan –June 2016)
Quarter | Milestone | Description | Activities | Q; | Status | Remarks |
1st | 1 | Preparatory Work | *Preparatory meeting with partner Organization(Pos) | | Partly | |
| | | *Formation of project steering committee | | Not Done | |
| | | *Finalizing work Plan, Timeline and key milestone | | Done (100%) | |
| | | *Inauguration of Project Office, recruitment and mobilization of PMIT | | Done (100%) | |
| | | *Recruiting Business Development Officers (BDOs) | 3 | Done (100%) | |
| | | *Orientation the BDOs on the BLED project | 2 Session | Done ...view middle of the document...

) | | Not done | On going process |
| | | *Electronic version of mobile application software and money transfer system | | Done (70%) | On going process |
| | | *Software and hardware procurement invoices, receipts and payment evidence | | Done (70%) | Ongoing process |
| | | *Office equipment and supplies purchase bills | | Done (100%) | |
| | | *PMIT Mobilization expenditure invoices, bills, receipts, vouchers, fee/salary slips | | Done (100%) | |
| | | *Consultants contracts, fees/salary payments, bank transfer and other evidences | | Done (100%) | |
| | | *Software vendors’ maintenance agreements | | Done (30%) | Ongoing process |
2nd | 4 | 300 target MSEs counseled and trained on lifestyle and entrepreneurship | *Developing 1st session counseling module | | Done (100%) | |
| | | *Conducting Counseling 1st session | 8 | Partly done(50% | Total Counseling session -08Total Participant-115 |
| | | *Up-dating participant list, Intake from & open per counseling wise file | Up to 8 session | done | Ongoing process |
| | | *Updating photographs of the participants at 1st Session Counseling in the BLED Website | 8 Counseling | Done | Total Participant-115 |
| | | *Developing 2nd session Module of Entrepreneurial Attitude develop | | Done (75%) | |
| 5 | Website | *BLED web apps (Smart Phone version) | | Done(Ongoing process) | |
| | | *Brought new domain-hosting in | | Done(Ongoing process) | |
| | | *Advertising floor plan in the website is done | | Done(Ongoing process) | |
| | | *New ideas and data are continuously including in the website | | Done (Ongoing process) | |
| | | Social website accounts are created. (E-mail address, Facebook page, YouTube channel, twitter) .Twitter and Facebook page are synchronized to each other. | | Done | |
| | | Privacy policies, terms and conditions, News/notices tab, feedback option, FAQ (Frequently...

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