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Business Environment Corporate Social Responsibility Innocent Smoothies Innocent Drinks was founded in 1999 as the brainchild of a group of students and its corporate strategy is based around the core values of corporate social responsibility (CSR). These values on a basic level are to produce a positive impact upon society in terms of the local area where the business is situated, including the residents of the area, the employees of the business and the effect upon the environment in terms of pollution. This can be backed up by Innocent Drinks impressive catalogue of good press and initiatives in place in terms of recycling and to the support of fair trade to its suppliers in third world countries. Innocent are also renowned for there “family” working environment, and support of local area charities thus supporting the ...view middle of the document...

Which includes a “Three year get closer to fruit program” which was started in 2007 to send independent auditors and innocent staff to check social and environmental standard on farms and the surrounding areas. The third of which is Sustainable Packaging, innocent have a goal to use either 100% renewable or 100% recycled materials in there product packaging. In 2007 part of this was achieved through there 250ml bottles which are now produced with fully recycled materials. There forth is to be resource efficient which is essentially based around reducing the company’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions for each individual product through phases of its production. Also included in this is a “no air freight policy” so land and sea is used to transport products, all vans are either bio fuel or LPG, and attempts are made to reduce food miles through buying from local suppliers with innocent willing to pay a 10% premium on local ingredients. There final value is to “share profits” this is achieved by donating 10% of profits to charity, including the majority of this going to the innocent foundation which funds rural development in the area where the fruit comes from. All the above combined with a 2007 projected turnover of £100million and a 72% market share in the smoothie industry, within an 8 year period it is difficult to argue that companies can’t be successful by being “good” as it is statistically obvious that Innocent Drinks are highly successful in there market segment. However it begs the question would this comprehensive approach to CSR be affective in a different industry, as fruit for example is a relatively easy raw material to extract naturally, and in the short term be easy to reduce carbon emissions, however would it be as easy to have this kind of success in for an example a oil company such as Shell?

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