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Part A.
A. If a colleague receives an overseas assignment I would advise he or she that when in Rome do as the Romans do until it crosses the lines of the company and personal ethical values. Cultural relativism should not be used for ethical decision making. Cultural relativism is sometimes use by individuals in business who want to justify varying in moral judgment. (Fraedrich, Ferrell, & Ferrell, 2013) This type of behavior may cause legal and reputation issues for the individual and business, if actions committed are outside of ethical and legal scope of the business home country. Cultural relativism is a good thing when trying to not have an ethnocentrism view to one own ...view middle of the document...

(Crandall, 2011) These types of traits can lead to failure to an organization and leader. Each trait can be viewed as good in the beginning, but as time progress and the trait is heavily used, cracks in the vision may develop. Each dark trait will cause followers or people in the organization to become mute, stagnated, and leave the goal/vision of the leader. Basically use qualities and traits in moderation and adjust according to any given major decision.

C. As a CREO of an organization my initial steps in would to be to identify risks areas throughout the organization in the form of a thorough risk assessment (Werther & Chandler, 2011). The assessment will allow me to take note of what employees may encounter in the workforces. Next development either a compliance guide, shared value document, code of ethics, code of conduct or statement of value with training modules. This will allow employees to have a framework of what is expected of them. (Weston, 2009). Communication will be made to all employees that transgressions will not be accepted nor support by the organization. Employees will be held accountable to their actions with penalties if transgressions occur. Communication along with actions will help fortify a message from the organization that unethical behavior will not be tolerated and hopefully deter this behavior (Fraedrich, Ferrell, & Ferrell, 2013). Alignment of the organization’s reputation and employee conduct should be made. This will prevent a disconnect when employees are interacting with outside stakeholders. Continuous feedback from employees on how they handle ethics should be made (Fraedrich, Ferrell, & Ferrell, 2013). This will allow me to revise training modules to assistant employees to how to handle common ethical situations specifically in the organization. There should be a line of communication that employees can to voice any ethical concerns. This can be a hotline or some other anonymous means. (Werther & Chandler, 2011). Anonymous communication will mitigate the fear of backlash for reporting possible ethical transgression. There also should be n chain of command established for employees to contact when dealing with ethical issues. The established chain will mitigate confusion as to whom to contact when the need arise.
Part B.
E. The decision making process I would make when face with an ethical dilemma would be to first recognize and define the problem or figure out the ethical issue intensity (Fraedrich, Ferrell, & Ferrell, 2013). Variables would include the individual differences of parties involved (managerial level, gender, experience, etc). Identify the impact of the dilemma and decision outcome of the stakeholders. I then would identify organization norms, legal, and environmental regulations before making a decision. (Emeral Insight, April)

F. The nature of corporate responsibility is to maximize the positive impacts and minimize...

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