Business Ethics In Public Administration Essay

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Ethics, Values and Policy
Gregory W. Browning
Capella University
Policy Analysis and Research
MPA 5424
Dr. David Powell
April 19, 2014

Ethics, Values and Policy
Professional ethics and policy considerations have become a major concern in public administration literature. This focus is mainly due to the transparent and accountable management, in order to improve the services and to improve the ethics and values of the civil servants. This is very important that public administration officer not have complete information about the ethics, values and policies, but it also responsibility of the civil servant to implement these ethics, values and policies in general ...view middle of the document...

Particularly, policies and ethical aspects associated with the academic and public administration policies under the field of political science and administration studies.
These policies and measures provide an efficient system to resolve various systems such as marketing system, management of public interest and policies, ensuring efficient system of governing public administration system. A major issue is to ensure democratic system in public governance. Democratic system is very essential to ensure the improvement in values, ensuring rights of public, improving quality of services, providing justice, security, and corruption free administrative system. Under the democratic system, public have easy access to their rights and they know about their duties. According to Rabin et al (2006), it is also important to ensure the management of public policies in a way that can ensure efficient system of public administration. The system with accountability, transparency, and good governance can ensure the success of administrative policies.
The American Society for Public Administration ASPA has provided solution to a variety of ethical, legal, values, and policies concerns in the organizations and public administration. This administrative body has a major function to bring advancement in the education and administration field. This provides basic criteria to define and administer the standard approaches for the professionalism. It also performs functions to create the public awareness and ethical considerations in the public service. There are various important aspects of the ethics, values, and policies, which determine the principles of managing the ethics, values, and policies, in public administration.

Serving Public Interest
Serving public interest is one of the most important concerns for The American Society for Public Administration ASPA. In order to ensure that an organization or the department must prefer the public interest, there are various discretionary authorities for the promotion of public interest. It is essential to avoid the discrimination, harassment, and biases. It is the right of public to receive assistance in the government procedures; therefore, public administrators are also responsible to guide and respond to public in the best possible way.

Managing Accountability and Transparency
Managing accountability and transparency is also important to ensure public interest. It is the right of public to know the measures for their benefits. On the other hand, as a public servant, it is the responsibility of public service officer to maintain and manage the effective policies to ensure fair and transparent system of auditing and accountability.

Respecting Law and Constitution
It is also responsibility of the public administrative officers to follow the law and constitution. It is their primary concern to respect, support, and study laws and constitution ( There are also responsible to...

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