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Business Ethics Reflection Essay

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Business Ethics Reflection

Being human, we face ethical dilemmas every day in some way or another. When you look up the meaning of Morals, values, and principles you will find these terms intertwined with each other. Morals, values, and principles are motivation based on thoughts of what is right and wrong. These are a series of beliefs that lead a person to make decisions based on their personal ethics. As for virtue it is defined as the quality or practice of moral excellence or righteousness. Growing up my mother taught me the difference between right and wrong; and every decision that I make would shape me as a person. She taught me that I should always think long and hard about ...view middle of the document...

I had concerns about him and his family. What would cause a family man to take this kind of risk? If I told, he surely would be dismissed; the company had no tolerant for theft. Am I breaking any laws if I do not tell? Is keeping the information to myself worth the consequences of being caught? If I did not tell and he got caught; then I would have lost my job as well. Since his register was my responsibility to balance daily. If I made the decision to tell, would I risk the loss of the trust I had built with the cashiers? Am I staying true to myself? Am I the sort of person who would steal from her employer? I knew that I demand honesty; in myself and in others. Not reporting this person would show that I was not a trustworthy person. Another value should be considered about my decision: my work ethic. If I had chose to look the other way and not reported my findings; I would have been condoning his actions not matter what his reasoning or what my co-workers thought of me.

The association between values, virtue, and moral concepts is not easy to recognize because they seem so interrelated. For example, the moral concept of not reporting the theft of money from our...

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