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Business Ethics Reflection Assignment

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One ethical dilemma that a co-worker encountered was one that involved himself and his brother. Both were employed at the same law firm but worked within different divisions. The older brother would take longer unapproved lunch breaks which violated the attendance policy set in place by the firm. He compromised his brother by asking him to forge his signature on the lunch log in sheet which again violates the attendance policy. This situation was brought to the attention of the supervisor by another employee and at that point an investigation began. The younger brother was brought in first and asked if he knew that his brother was ...view middle of the document...

I understand the relationship between the two and can see how one would think this may have been the right thing to do to help his family. Social pressures can cause a person to choose to do something that totally goes against what they know to be morally correct. The decision to commit a dishonest act can cause so much damage in the long run. Which is why it’s best to stick to your core values and morals you believe are correct and you are willing to live by. However, this dishonesty was morally incorrect and is not the proper business ethics to display for any employee in the workplace or anyplace for that matter.
If I was faced with the same dilemma today I would not have agreed to help my family. I do not agree compromising my personal and family morals and honesty values for anyone not to mention the potential of loosing my job. Also, I would not place my career in jeopardy to help anyone lye, cheat or steal which all goes against my ethical and moral beliefs. I think it was selfish for the older brother to even ask for his brother help in committing...

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