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Business In China Essay

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• Conservative suits for men with subtle colors are the norm.
• Women should avoid high heels and short sleeved blouses.
• Subtle, neutral colors should be worn by both men and women.
• Casual dress should be conservative as well.
• Men and women can wear jeans; however, jeans are not acceptable for business meetings.
• Revealing clothing for women is considered offensive to Chinese businessmen.

• Do not use large hand movements. The Chinese do not speak with their hands. Your movements may be distracting to your host.
• Personal contact must be avoided at all cost. It is highly inappropriate for a man to touch a woman in public.
• Do ...view middle of the document...

Wait for the Chinese to offer their hand first. Most handshakes are very weak, so be cautious.
• Often times Chinese will use a nickname to assist Westerners.
• The decision making process is slow; you should not expect to conclude your business quickly.
• Present and receive business cards with both hands.
• Never write on a business card or put it in your wallet or pocket; carry a small card case.
• The most important member of your company should lead important meetings; Chinese value rank and status.
• Allow the Chinese to leave a meeting first.

International Gift Giving
• Official business policy considers gift giving a bribe which is illegal.
• A gift may not be immediately taken; it may be refused three times before finally being accepted; each time it’s refused, you as the giver must graciously continue to offer it; once taken, tell the person you’re happy it’s been accepted.
• A gift must be gift-wrapped and offered with both hands.
• If you’re presented a gift, follow the same process of refusing it three times then accept it with both hands; do not open it immediately, but wait until later.
• Should your gift not be accepted after three refusals, graciously say you understand and withdraw the gift; waiting until negotiations to conclude will eliminate the appearance of bribery when a gift is...

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