Business Information System Essay

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Determining database and communications
Rodney McNeal
March 14, 2016
Professor Karl Jaufmann
Determining database and communications.
In today world that is driven by new technology. You either have the choice get on board or be left behind. If a company does not embrace new technology then there is a chance that this company may not last in the competitive world. Business has become global since the invention of the internet. A tracking system can be a very complicated piece of software if the person does not have the knowledge to use it.
For the first question in scenario. Some of the typical fields that could be used is to list all the booth equipment that you ...view middle of the document...

The reason this is the best solution is that not everyone will be working the trade show, so not everybody will need this information. This will help to make sure that nothing is inputted wrong or even misused.
A decision support system would be useful especially when deciding which transportation company will deliver and return all your components and equipment. This may help to keep the cost down and if the company does a good job you may choose to use them in all your transportation needs and refer them to your customers. This will help ensure that after the trade show you will get all your equipment back.
Scenario 2
Your business will need only a LAN. Sines the business is small enough and in one location a LAN will be to support this business. With LAN they can run cables wherever they want. It has the capability of being wireless. If the employees live close enough they may be able to use the wireless connection portion of the LAN if they have a WNIC.
The business will still need a wireless network. Even though some employees may have access to the LAN through the company other employees may live to far away to receive this signal. The company would have to purchase wireless adapters which would allow employees to take their work home and be able to finish it anytime during off hours.
Some of the company’s data could be sensitive and will require protect from hackers. The use of a VPN connection will be needed. If employees are working at home they will need to set up VPN on their computer with the VPN server the company has to...

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