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Business Information Systems Proposal Essay

931 words - 4 pages

Business Information Systems Proposal
Timothy Frost
August 14, 2012
Rob Fisher

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Introduction 3-4

Information Systems Overview 5

* Information Systems 5-6
* Information Systems Advantages and Disadvantages 7-8

Everyone’s Favorite Records Business Proposal
This is a business proposal representative of Everyone’s Favorite Records; a startup for a small brick & ...view middle of the document...

Information Systems Overview

There are many information systems that companies use throughout their operations to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency as it relates to expenditures, allocation of resources, and management of employees. Below is an illustration of the various information systems in use.

To provide further clarity I will explain the various information systems utilized by Everyone’s Favorite Records store and how they will be implemented into the operations to organize and manage data.
1. Functional Area Information System: this system will allow activities to be performed by specific departments such as marketing, payroll, sales, etc.
2. Management Information System: this system involves the collection of information necessary to compile reports and data, which is useful for solving problems and determining profitability.
3. The Decision Support System: this system allows access to data and analysis tools that is necessary for making decisions.
4. The Electronic Commerce System: this system provides a platform that enables transactions among organizations and individuals via Internet or Intranet.
5. The Office Automation System: this system allows daily activities to be completed among individuals using various office tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

Information Systems Table

The following table highlights the information systems in use by Everyone’s Favorite Records, their functions, and examples of use.

Type | Function | Examples |
Functional Area Information System | Provides support for the various activities within an organization | System used for processing payroll |
Management Information System | Provides reports related to specific transactions | Compiling sales data |
Decision Support System | Provides access to data and analysis tools | Using data to make budgetary changes |
Electronic Commerce System | Enables various transactions among customers and organizations | Internet and Intranet |
Office Automation System | Support daily work activities within an organization | Utilizing tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point |

Advantages of Information Systems

There are many benefits to using these...

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