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Business Intelligence In Banks Essay

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Re : Business intelligence benefits in Airline sector
Airline sectors are going through tough times with raising operating costs and decreased occupancy levels. Airlines are investing heavily into business intelligence projects to better understand their customer behavior and airline operations. Also BI systems are being used in reducing costs and increasing efficiency of its operations.
Like any other sector airline sector has many functional systems which are independent to each other. They have separate systems for ticketing, airline operations, baggage handling vendor management and loyalty programs.
Alaska airlines implemented BI systems with Siebel analytics to increase revenues ...view middle of the document...

As potential fraud patterns are found in business intelligence systems they are provided to agents for further analysis.
As above business needs like good customer relationship, reducing operating costs and fraud reductions are equally important in every industry so these BI applications can be easily translated and applied to other industries .

Business Intelligence Project Details
1) Alaska Airlines Federated Data warehouse
* Sector : Airlines
* Company : Alaska Airlines
* Project : Federated Data warehouse
* BI Approach : Metadata Integration
* BI Tools : Seibel Analytics

2) Continental Airlines MicroStrategy Implementation
* Sector : Airlines
* Company : Continental Airlines
* Project : MicroStrategy Implementation
* BI Approach : Self Service reporting
* BI Tools : Teradata , MicroStrategy

3) Continental Airlines Real time Business Implementation
* Sector : Airlines
* Company : Continental Airlines
* Project : Real time Business Implementation
* BI Approach : Active...

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