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Business Is Show Business Essay

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Business is Show Business:
An Article about Business Presentations
By Mohamed Daher
The article was written by Brigitte Biehl-Missal. She is a professor in the Aberystwyth University. It was published in the Journal of Management Studies on May 2011. The article does not talk about management procedures or decisions, but rather, it talks about business presentations and the impact of visual and on-stage performances of senior managers and CEOs when they are giving presentations.
What does the article discuss? It explains that life is becoming increasingly theatrical and visual in character. These days, more and more theatrical practices are being used by corporate leaders for creating ...view middle of the document...

What kind of aesthetic techniques are employed in organizations for influencing employee behaviors and external audiences? It describes how an aesthetic experience is co-created by performers and audience members and by the interplay of a range of different elements.
It divides its explanation into the following categories:
Style of performing
The analysis is based on the idea that, although any performance is unpredictable, it can be controlled by theatrical techniques. Main argument: what constitutes the performance is not the representation of a holistic (dramatic) story but: The intricate theatrical moment of sound, text, movement, and colors, shared with and co-created by spectators. For instance, the stage serves as the initial starting point for performance analysis The setting is symbolically charged and generates a reality which instantly puts participants into prearranged roles Spatial arrangements influence whomever they surround because they generate a typical atmosphere through the use of forms, colors, and specific attributes. It is like a presentation of authority
Stage design: Executives in all European countries usually appear closer, with a podium half as high. Some has no stage at all. This creates a more balanced atmosphere among participants. Managers also appear ‘closer’ and more informal because meetings are staged in-house…the place always influences the mood of a performance. Also, colors and imagery and their connections to corporate statements are considered to describe the style and the views it expresses. Stage design in theatrical contexts strongly influences audience perception. At staged management presentations the decoration is not a sign for a particular fictional space….but is directly seen to express managers’ mood, views, and values. Stage design is seen as an expression of corporate statements. So it is important to be coherent. This is why companies in the international context used corporate colors (Vodafone – red ; Lufthansa – yellow ; Deutsche Bank – blue) …. And branding to show their identity.
Others display their own products, such as Apple (IPHONE) and Daimler Chrysler (new car models). Other stage design choices...

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