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Business Level And Corporate Level Strategies

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This research paper aims at analyzing various business-level strategies as well as corporate level strategies for a corporation within the soft drink industry. It shall analyze whether these strategies are significant for the long-term success of the firm chosen and also look at whether the chosen decisions are good or bad for the success of the firm. Furthermore, the paper shall also focus on the analysis of the competitive environment of the Pepsi Cola firm. This analysis aims at identifying the corporation’s significant competitors. These strategies will be compared at each and ...view middle of the document...

Justify your opinion.
According to Hitt et al, (2013), any business-level strategy usually aims at formation of the differences between the position of the company and that of its competitors. This is essential since the consumers are able to identify themselves with the products of the business which are different from the other companies’ products. One major strategy that PepsiCo applies is the differentiation strategy. This usually aims at making their products unique and separate from those of its competitors. This can be seen from the packages of food products and the bottles of the soft drinks which are quite different from other competitors such as the Coca-Cola Company. This strategy involves applications of various integrated activities within the production process that makes the company to produce products that their customers perceive as different from those of its competitors and are of great importance to them. This strategy enables PepsiCo to produce highly valued products within its set up. Another major way where the company differentiates itself from the competitors is through rigorous and exclusive advertisement and marketing campaigns. These activities help in enticing customers as well as make their esteemed customers to be loyal to them as well as continue purchasing their products rather than those of the competitors. As compared to bottles of the competitors, the bottles used by PepsiCo are a bit longer, wider and somehow cylindrical in nature. This is highly appealing to the potential customers compared to the curvy and skinny bottles of Coca-Cola bottles. In many countries, PepsiCo allows its customers to have access to a Freestyle machine which they use to mix various beverages to match their desired flavor. This helps to gain a large market share since most consumers are usually attracted to fizzy drink flavors. The activities that this corporation carries out are related to its goals and mission which further helps in retaining customers and attracting new ones due to the persuasive nature. Opinion wise, the strategy of differentiation is vary essential for the long term success of any company. It is a better choice for PepsiCo since it will make them absolutely different from their competitors. To further surge for success, the corporation needs to introduce newer brands of drinks and food products. This shall ensure that the trust of consumers is built and their relationship with this corporation is maintained in the long run.
Analyze the corporate-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the corporate-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion
The corporate level strategies are essential for companies as they assist companies to find new strategic positions in the market. These newly acquired positions will assist the companies to increase their values. One major corporate...

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