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Managing Professional Development |
TASK 02 |

Student Name: Yamin Abdul Wahhab
Student ID: BM/C/38/38
Assessor: Mr. Marcilline Croose/Ms. Rangitha Balasuriya
Student Name: Yamin Abdul Wahhab
Student ID: BM/C/38/38
Assessor: Mr. Marcilline Croose/Ms. Rangitha Balasuriya

Task 02
Monitoring and evaluating the PDP via a personal Skills Development log
My individual and short term objectives
* To complete my degree in business management at University of Wales.
* Get Experience and through working in the Multinational company abroad.
* Enhancement of Finance.
* To complete my Masters in Australia.
* Get married ...view middle of the document...

Had a meeting in Maldivian student Council at ICBT | 6. Prepared MPD assignment task 02 | 7. MPD assignment task 01 submission | 8. Went Hardware class |
9. Went to monthly big shopping | 10. Went to movies with friends | 11. Prepared BDM presentation slides and practice it | 12. BDM final presentation | 13 Prepared MPD assignment task 02 | 14. MPD assignment task 02 submission | 15. Pay bills paid rent and last day of hard ware class |
16. Had a meeting about role play | 17 Cleaning up the house | 18. Wash cloths and change bed sheets | 19. Clean bedroom | 20. Preparation for MPD role play | 21. MPD task 03 (Role play) | 22. Planned to go Kandy to full fill my promise |
23. A Trip to Noooraliya | 24. Coming back to Colombo | 25. Clean up my inbox and update face book | 26. Collecting information for MPD task 4 | 27. Preparation for MPD task 4 | 28. MPD task 04 (individual presentation) | 29. Spend time with friends |
30. Have to finish my brothers project | 31. Preparing Calendar to next month | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
Calendar, October 2011

Above table shows my day to day works done by month of October 2011 up to 14th of the October it has done and after 14th those activities are on to do list. While doing this is categorically stress-free for me to run my day to day tasks efficiently and it has been planned for a month and end of each moth I have to prepare to do list for next month.
Day month of October 2011 | Details |
1.Repaired my room door | If I delay or missed to repair it, I have to find other time to do that work and it has not done according to my strategy and other activities will be overlapping. |
2. Went to buy washing machine | Our washing machine has broken and it’s not in repair condition so we planned to buy a new washing machine in order to repair it. Unknown we miss to do that we will not able to wash our cloths and finally we will not have anything to ware |
3. Washed out back yard | Our house back yard it’s full of garbage and it seems like wastage area by way of bad smells and I have cleaned it and washed the entire area with the help of my housemates. |
4. Called mom and family | While m abroad far from family and with my busy schedule I am not able to call mom and family whenever I wanted so I decided to call mom and family a stress free day to build a strong relation with them. |
5. Had a meeting with ICBT Maldivian Student council | I am Assistant event manager in the council and an active member of the council there for to attend to meetings taking a part of the council events is my obligation. Our council has planned to embrace a mega event on 22 November 2011. |
6. Prepared Managing professional development Task 01 | Those are the thing I should give my first priority while m abraded to study and I did not finished on time it will be late submission with the late submission charge and it’s loosing of money as well as its overlapping to my planned activities. |
7. MPD assignment task 01...

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