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Kudler Fine Foods Market Research

July 5, 2012
Robert Spotswood

Kudler Fine Foods Market Research
Kudler Fine Foods is a food store specializing in the specialty foods market. They have three stores that are located just north of San Diego California along the sandy Californian coast. Krudler concentrates on a fine selection of bakery and pastry products, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, condiments and packaged food, and cheese and specialty dairy products. They boast on their company website having “the very best domestic and imported fare.” The founder of Kudler Fine Foods is Kathy Kudler who, before opening her own business was the marketing vice-president for a ...view middle of the document...

Consumers nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of how and in what manner their food is picked, shipped, and prepared. A growing number of Americans are opting for what they perceive to be the healthier choice in foods, often paying more for what is essentially the same product. Kudler may be able to capitalize on this trend by introducing and heavily marketing organic food products to their customers. The food that Kudler sells as it stands is already a premium product with a premium cost. And in America the thought is if it cost more it’s usually better for you. Kudler could use this to their advantage by listing certain nutrition facts along with the food items either on the company website or the menu itself comparing the Kudler food products to other less healthy, less expensive products. This will give the customer a sense of value in the product letting them know that they are paying extra for the quality and the healthiness of the food.
Another plan that might work well with the company would be in-store events. These kinds of events could be used alongside the organic and health food movement to gain awareness and introduce new products to their customers. Having such events in the store and perhaps parking lot not only generate more sales for the company but also give a tremendous opportunity to gain loyalty within the community and create a customer fan base that Kudler will be able to count on. As of today Kudler has a loyalty program in the works that would help facilitate this fan base as well. Another aspect of such a flashy event would be to provide customer feedback. Just like the online survey on the company website Kudler could at these events give customers small prizes or promotional coupons for filling out a short survey and sharing their thoughts on the company.
Kudler as a chain of three stores in doing well enough, however there is another aspect of the sale of fine foods that they seem to be missing at that is catering. Many companies that are simply just restaurants supplement the income that they might be receiving from only walk in customers with a catering service that serves primarily the same food. Kudler would have to employ the use of an enhanced online survey and the in-store event to provide them with...

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