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Chapter 1 Prefatory Part

Origin of the Report

Origin of the Report
The preparation of this Internship report is a requirement of fulfillment of the MBA degree and Dr.M.Khairul Hossain, Professor of Finance Department at Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, who is also the Honorable course teacher of this course. He has asked us to make a term paper regarding to our course. Our topic is to prepare a report on “Trend of export of commodities from Bangladesh: An Analysis of sector wise contribution to GDP.” provided by the honorable course teacher. This is a group task.

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The basic method that is used to analyze the data is qualitative analysis based on these data.
Primary & Secondary sources of data have been used in the study.
Primary sources of data has been collected from-
* Official records from Bangladesh Bank & Export Promotion Bereau.
* Personal Interview with officials.
* Relevant file study.
* Practical work exposures from the survey.
* Personal observations.

Secondary sources of data has been collected from-
* Bureau of Statistics.
* Bangladesh Bank.
* Websites of relevant issues.
* Different newspapers, published journals and articles.
* Bangladesh bank bulletin.

Calculative measurement/Analytical Framework:
It consists of the following steps:
Trend analysis: among the variables those have to be covered.
Comparative analysis: among export and import volumes with h\the contribution to GDP.

Results presentation: As the research proposal is not completed we can give a brief explanation of the format of the results as they will be presented, e.g. Pie charts, Line graphs, Tables.

Although efforts made to make the report was as comprehensive as possible, nevertheless, the following limitations are identified at the time of preparing the report:
* A lot of information regarding industry, economy, and company were required.
* We had put our optimum effort to formulize the available information.
* Inefficiency in some field of analysis.
* Non-availability of information for more relevant analysis.
* Many analytical techniques and tools were needed to apply to get appropriate result but due to our lack of practical knowledge our analysis may not be a highly efficient one.

Chapter 2 Report Body

Literature view:

Chapter 3 Report Body

An Overview of export of Bangladesh
Trend of export of Bangladesh
Contribution of export commodities on GDP

Despite structural limitations in the Bangladesh economy, the export sector performed well throughout the 2010s. The export growth rate of Bangladesh was higher than that of the world and the SAARC countries. However, the balance of trade of Bangladesh was always in deficit and the trade deficit with India is huge. The export share of primary commodities has decreased while that of manufactured commodities has increased over the years. The growth rate of manufactured commodities is better than that of primary commodities. The import share of principal primary commodities has declined while that of principal industrial and capital goods has slightly increased over the past years. The striking features of Bangladesh’s exports are commodity and market concentration. To overcome the problem, there is no alternative but to diversify exports and improve quality.
Export Earnings and Export Growth by Commodities
Readymade garments and knitwear are the main...

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