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Business Model And Strategic Plan, Part I

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Business Model and Strategic Plan, Part I
Connie Berg
September 29, 2014
Dr. Abdel Mahdi Al Husseini

Business Model and Strategic Plan, Part I
In the world of computers, software, and digital devices innovation is the key to having the upper hand. When it comes to staying ahead of the competition Hewlett-Packard Development Company LP has figured out a way to stay at the top. As one of the lead runners in the world of technology Hewlett-Packard has established itself in the global market and continues to advance. They are a large manufacturer of computers and servers, as well as printers and other technology based services. Their share of this market is approximately 24% and ...view middle of the document...

Unlike the introductory products that currently come with new computers this will have no initial cost and the annual cost will be minimal. This will also be something that the user can decline if they so choose without any cookies left behind to track them with.
The mission statement of this new department is “Protect all consumers, all of the way, all of the time for a fast clean computer”. With this mission in mind the researchers for this new product will continue to study all of the security software available to determine if there are any new innovations that can be implemented into HP One to ensure its accuracy and protection. The maintenance segment of this department will in turn monitor and study any new threats and work to protect users from them as quickly as possible. Although this may increase the cost of new Hewlett-Packard computers, customers will be assured of their protection from the start, from a company that has shown that their quality can be trusted. This is a department that will continue to be focused on the customers’ needs as well as what they may want. Therefore there will be extensive training in this department and qualified employees that will be working to protect Hewlett-Packard customers. To do this the department will focus its attention on the leaders in the security software industry, Symantec Corporation (Norton) and McAfee. Combined, these industry leaders hold around 26% of the market because of their longevity and expertise (IBISWorld, 2014). With the focus on them, as well as the independent research and monitoring from Hewlett-Packard technicians they will strive to protect all of their customers.
The vision of the Hewlett-Packard division that is responsible for the HP One software is to expand this software to include sales to other users. This means that the company would proceed with the idea that all those that use the internet should have quality protection, even if they do not have a Hewlett-Packard computer. With this in mind they are striving to maintain excellence from the start. With this their product will show how well it protects its users with no initial financial risk. The customer that buys a new Hewlett-Packard computer will be able to use the program at no charge for the first year. This will begin to show the users of other security software that HP One can protect them just as well or better on their computers for a reasonable price. However, because this is a Hewlett-Packard software they will make the annual cost for HP One less for those that purchase their computers. This is right in line with one of the company’s primary objectives, customer loyalty. Hewlett-Packard believes “We earn customer respect and loyalty by consistently providing the highest quality and value.” (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., 2014, p. 1).
The value of this new product is what it can do for customers. The aim to protect all computer users is important to...

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