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Business Plan For Starting Up A New Venture

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These business plans outlines the strategy for sales of enterprise software planning solutions to optimum the usage of mobile phone and provide the convenient system to our user. Polaris Private Limited (PPL) will act as the software developer to enhance the usage of mobile phone. We expect a high degree of profitability based on our plan to key in on businesses that have already expressed the need for such services and products to the software manufacturer. Our management expertise in dealing with corporate decision makers and our reputation will be the cornerstone of our success and be a funded that we needed to develop our system. . M&M PHONE in Polaris Private ...view middle of the document...

Our company is major in providing services of information technology based to company that implement information technology to run their business.

2.2 Business Intent & Clear indication of intended business activities.
Our company intends to provide a new system that will manipulate the usage of mobile phone. We enhance the usage of mobile phone not only for calls, short message system and internet but more where mobile phone could be used as a credit card or debit card substitute. It also could be used to make a hotel, air lines tickets reservation and payment through mobile phone only. In the same time the mobile phone also could be use like touch `n go and smart tag. This system is suitable for person who did not like to use credit card and more secure where there possibility of being fraud is minimal. This system is easy to use where it could be implementing to all mobile phone that have a 3G application. Our objective is to make mobile phone more useful than present, where people could travel easily with their mobile phone and little cash on their pocket. The employees of Polaris Private Limited (PPL) recognize that information and technology is vital to all users around the world and presenting that information in an efficient and easily understood framework is crucial. Also, not every user requires similar tools, what works for a service based on common technology. Users now looking for enhance information technology that could be standardized and cope will their busy lifestyle. We market a new enhance develop software tool which we will customize to the client's individual needs. Although we recognize the intimate relationship between profitability and quality products, we know that our success is ultimately dependent on the well-being of our employees.
2.3 Growth Strategies
State what are the strategies that your company plans to deploy or achieve in growing the company
2.3.1 Financial Strategies
The project is to be funded by Venture Capital Financing
To maximize the project value and image by Initial Public Offering (IPO) and listing the company in any technology based exchanges such as MESDAQ.
2.3.2 Technology and Product Development Strategies
1 To understudy closely with the usage of GPRS and 3G
2 To develop smart partnership with all communication provider in Malaysia such as Maxis, Digi, Celcom, U Mobile, Happy, I Tune, also with Smart Tag and Touch N Go developer.
3 To extend into developing a new system that using database and software like Java and Visual Basic
4 To exploit the database for security purpose and connection with banking online by using internet connection and GPRS that will link with mobile phone.

2.3.3 Marketing Strategies to increase market or mind share.
Our market penetration planning is to introduce our product in economic price where all market demography which all layer of mobile user could use and subscribe our system. We might facing with...

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