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Business Portfolio Essay

1120 words - 5 pages

Business Writing Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio

Jacky Baker


January 04, 2011

Kenneth Mack

Part I: Business Writing Steps


Analyzing the problem, defining your purposes, and analyzing the audience.

Brainstorming information, benefits, and objections to include in the document.

Gathering the information you need—from the message you’re answering, a person, a book, or the Web.

Choosing a pattern of organization, making an outline, creating a list, writing headings.


Putting words on paper or on a screen. Writing can be lists, fragmentary notes, stream-of-consciousness writing, incomplete drafts, and ultimately a formal draft.
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Business Writing Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio
Jordan Pappas
February 27th, 2011
Randi Plante

Business Writing Portfolio

Part I: Business Writing Steps.
Store Manager
Store Employees
Customers and the public

Message Format:
Business Letter- Store Manager - John Roberts
Business Memo- Store Employees
Email Message- Customers and Public

Part II: Portfolio
1456 Duke St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
February 27, 2011

Dear Store Manager,

Due to rising gas prices store policy on employee work hours will be changing. Because of this problem store hours will be amended to cut back on company expenses. To remedy this problem, stores will now be closed on Sundays. Also, work days will be shortened by 2-hours a day, the store will be opening one hour later and closing one hour earlier on Monday through Saturday. For full time employees and managers workweeks will be changing from the usual 8 hour work days, five days a week to 10-hour days four days a week. I understand that the extended days aren’t all that appetizing but not only will it benefit the company but it will also benefit you. By working extended days this benefits you by being able to cut down on the amount of days you commute to work therefore cutting down on the amount of money spent on gas and it will allow for more personal time which can be spent with family and friends.
In addition to these changes part time employees will also be cut down on hours. They will be working 1, 2, or 3 day workweeks. This will also depend on the amount of hours the employee is normally schedules throughout the week. These changes will not be leading to the closing of any of our existing stores but for the mean time we do not plan on opening any new stores either. These changes will only benefit the company and its future goals. By implementing these changes, it allows for us to provide the same great customer service and maintain our low prices. By doing so we maintain our public image as the best retail...

Comm 285 Business Writing Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio
January 19, 2011
Mike Riha

Business Writing Portfolio

Part I: Business Writing Steps
•Audience analysis
• Identify the target audience
1. Store managers.
2. Store employees.
3. Retail customers and the public.
* Identify the communication channels.
1. Oral or written
* What the message is intended to do
1. Persuade, inform, praise or shock.
• Organize
1. The...

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