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Business Proposal Essay

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Business Proposal

Thesis Statement: A musical daycare center is profitable venture for it serves as an avenue through which busy working parents can allow their children to listen to music-- as supported by studies, it plays an important role not only in springing up musical inclination but also in cultivating mental functions of a young child – while interacting with other kids and doing other recreational activities.

Title: Musical Daycare Center

I. Problems

A.  Lack of time of parents for their children
   This is a problem if both parents are working to sustain the family which makes them very busy almost everyday.
B.  Incapacity of nannies to give quality learning
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The curriculum must be geared towards the following objectives:
a. To provide an atmosphere that is safe, healthful, and musically-inspiring for the child
b. To enhance the creativity level of the child through activities that require creative thinking
c. To expose the child a wider and deeper perspective on the different styles of music
d. To immerse the child in musical activities that would develop the interest of the child

Daily lesson plans and activities must be in accordance to the above objectives. An example of a day’s schedule is given below.

Day 1
8:00 – Introduction of the day’s theme, warm-up songs/activities
9:00 – Healthy snacks
10:00 – Creative Playing
11:00 – Motivational activity (i.e. How to hold the guitar, Trivia on the theme/composers)
11:30 – Creative Playing
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Nap
2:00 – Trivia/Motivational Activities/Songs
2:30 onwards – Creative playing

2. Instruments - Basic musical instruments shall be provided for the children for their use during periods of creative playing. They are allowed to tinker and discover the sounds of the instruments with the aid of the teachers. The most feasible instruments that can be provided will be the strings and percussion instruments due to the availability of cheaper resources and the sense of hygiene. The instruments must also be easy-to-handle in that a child can easily play with it. Examples of these instruments are the piano, guitar, drums, and bongos..

The recorder or flute may be purchased if the parent wishes the child to have a woodwind instrument for his personal consumption during the creative play since it will not be hygienic to share this instrument. Other woodwind instruments or brass instruments may be difficult for kids of this age to handle and may require personal tutoring; therefore, it is not highly encouraged in this program.

Indigenous Filipino instruments shall also be provided during the one day of the week which shall be devoted to indigenous Filipino instruments. This may not be of top priority during the start-up of the business in case of inadequate funds, and if there is enough funds, then the center should invest in providing instruments such as the kulintang (gongs in a row), zither (stringed bamboo instrument), kudyapi (two-stringed lute), and bunkaka (bamboo buzzer).

3. Theme - The curriculum will provide a different theme of music every day. This is to widen the scope of musical knowledge of the children. This will enhance their versatility, flexibility and creativity. At the same time they will be endowed with a bigger perspective on the variety of culture in the world, even at a young age. Rock, techno and other musical genres/themes that have a heavy or dark nature or typically contain profanity and obscene words are not to be used as a theme. Here is an example of a week’s set of themes:

Monday –    Classical Music
Tuesday –   OPM
Wednesday – Baroque Music
Thursday – Indigenous Filipino...

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