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Business Psychology Essay

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To: Mrs Caroline Hatcher ∞ Human Resource Manager ∞ ABC Company
From: Mrs Chrisan Lewis ∞ Occupational Psychologist ∞ The British Psychological Society
Report: Efficient Recruitment

The Report
The ABC Company has been experiencing a high turnover of staff, (particularly with the Call Centre Staff), and is considering the development of an Assessment Centre. The ABC Company requires information which pertains to psychology in relation to psychometric testing. This report will identify individual differences, the supporting theories and the associated psychometric tests (which must be Objective, Standardized, Reliable, Predictive, and Non Discriminatory) for the purpose of ...view middle of the document...

Verbal Intelligence and Non Verbal Intelligence are the two main forms of intelligence engaged in intelligence assessments.

The assessment centre will identify persons which display a positive disposition (this is an indication of a motivated individual, one who expresses high levels of job satisfaction and performs at a high level – Bandura’s Self Efficacy 1994); those who have a pleasant personality (these persons are more likely to foster healthy relationships and would therefore be effective in the area of customer care/satisfaction – Mc Crae 1992: the Conscientiousness Trait and the Agreeableness Quality); those candidates who exhibit a calm temperament (these persons are usually patient and in control of the situation – The Four Humors Theory: The Phlegmatic); and those who are efficient and capable of achieving tasks in a manner which is in accordance to the standards of the ABC Company (these persons ensure that their job is executed in a way which elevates
the standard of the organisation – Raymond Cattell 1970: Perfectionism).

According to Professor Christine Edwards (Professor of Human Resource Management – Kingston University), Individual Differences in life stage and personal circumstances must be understood and examined so that high performance individuals are recruited. Call Centre Staff are representative of the standards upheld by the company and are efficient in the execution of their job. Their positive interaction with customers is instrumental in maintaining healthy customer relationship management and the organisations competitiveness.

A Job Analysis must be employed in the Recruitment and Selection process. It assesses the requirements of a job to identify its component tasks. Algera and Greuter (1998), presents Four Approaches toward the analysis of a job and include Behaviour Description, Behaviour Requirements, Ability Requirements, and Task Characteristics. Flanagan’s (1954), Critical Incident Technique assesses relevant job behaviour(s) that are pertinent to the job whereby the interviewee recalls incidents of job behaviour that are indicative of a highly effective or ineffective job performance. Methods of job analysis include Expert Panels, Structured Questionnaires, Supervisor Interviews, Task Inventories, and so on.

A Job Analysis for Call Centre staff will outline that the employee must be Intelligent: They should be educated in the areas of Mathematics, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Comprehension; They must be able to clearly express themselves; They must be able to provide the customer with accurate information; They must be innovative; They must be able to retain and apply knowledge.
Workers for the Call Centre should display certain Personality Traits: They must exhibit a positive physical disposition; They must be cooperative; They must be calm and patient; They must be seen through efforts of responsibility, capability and efficiency.

The Call Centre Staff should be knowledgeable about...

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