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Business Research Essay

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Business Research Methods
The purpose of this document is to describe a management dilemma related to the health of men and women and how this issue translates into a research question. Such question helps guide the research team to gather the necessary data using a sample design to collect the data. The collected data organized in a table allows the analyst to identify trends and elements of information that provides the reasons or origin of the issue related to the management dilemma. This information in turn allows the management decides on the appropriate course of action.
Research Question
Management Dilemma:
Defining the management dilemma is a very important part. By discovering ...view middle of the document...

Before making an accurate decision the manager will focus on categories’ that pertain to this particular question. Doing research and following up with old questions also helps determine which direction a manager or researcher should take.
Data Characteristics
The data elements of the analysis and research are the age and the systolic measurements of the sample as described on Table 1 below. Given the different ages, the systolic values may vary accordingly, which can then lead accordingly to management decisions to take the appropriate courses of action.
Table 1

The analysis of the data presented in Table 2 display central tendency measurements such as the mean and the median, as well as measures of dispersion such as standard variation. The data presents one high extreme value that can distort the sample, along with a total of two high outliers. Further sampling could help determine whether those outliers are normal or very few exceptions. The data shows the results for the complete sample and segments of the sample divided by decades of ages.
Table 2

The histogram displayed on graph 1 shows a fairly normal distribution shape, with the stated outliers and extreme values that make the distribution skewed to the right or positively skewed.
Graph 1

The research question suggests studying the relationship between the systolic measurements and the ages of the subjects measured. The graph 2 below represents a centered average of measurement grouped by decades, from 10 to 70, according to the data available from the data set.
Graph 2

The data presented exuberates how each variable relates to each other. From the chart listed below, from a simple observation it is determined that the older the individual, the higher the blood pressure. As the individual gets older, the systolic and diastolic pressure increases.
17 109 65
26 116 81
32 126 81
73 153 87

Other data characteristics assist in creating a quick assumption of inference before making calculation to answer your question. Another inference is that the cholesterol level has the ability to alter the blood pressure level. As seen below both individuals are the same age, however the 26 year old with the higher cholesterol level has a systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
26 116 81 1252
26 110 70 265

Sample Design

The National Center for Health Statistics is the nation's principal health statistics agency. This center provides data to find and report health concerns. The statistical information is used to help and guide health policy decisions. The sampling design is a necessary...

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