Business Research Ethics Essay

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Business Research Ethics
Bobbie Stolze
October 15th, 2012
James Malachowski

Business Research Ethics
Today there are many cases of unethical business research that usually result in entire firms as well as individuals that are convicted and fined in the court of law. Unethical business research comes in many forms some of these forms are inappropriate questionnaires, research fraud, failure to maintain participant’s privacy, and even skewing research results. The following information is regarding scientific research fraud involving William McBride.
McBride was an obstetrician who was found guilty of 24 counts of scientific fraud that ended up costing between five and seven ...view middle of the document...

Phil Vardy, the researcher who carried out the original work and who found his name, to his surprise, on the paper, checked his notes and found a study of six rabbits with one deformity and no controls. The study was published as eight subjects with three deformities and eight normal controls. It was now statistically significant” (Ragg, 1993, p550).
There are many victims in this case, starting with the drug company that put Debendox on the market to begin with, the women who had taken Debendox before it was taken off the market, and Phil Vardy. The drug company who put Debendox on the market was faced with many lawsuits shortly after McBride published research that claimed Debendox led to birth defects. The drug company lost a large amount of money and also suffered much public ridicule. The women, who had taken the drug before McBride’s research came about, had to go on every day worrying and dreading what deformities or defects their unborn babies may have. Phil Vardy was also a victim in this case, even though he was working with McBride at the time, Phil is also the one who turned McBride in as soon as he became aware that research fraud was taking place. After Phil turned McBride in, Phil found it extremely hard to find another job and was forced to move away in order to find work. The incident with McBride was taking a toll on Phil’s marriage which eventually ended in divorce.
The unethical research that McBride...

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