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Business Research Method Essay

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Barnes &Noble Business Research Methods
Barnes & Noble is a popular book chain. There are two questions to be answered by the analysis: Is there is a reduction in sales of traditional books since the release of e books for electronic reading devices? Is there a need for redesign and restructure of the Barnes and Noble brick and mortar stores. Continuing the analysis from the previous weeks, Team A researches Barnes & Noble data collection techniques and performs further analysis. In reviewing the analysis data, the Team is able to explore potential challenges that can come from the validity and reliability of the questionnaire survey. The Team explores steps to overcome these challenges ...view middle of the document...

The hypothesis test can assist in determining if the emergence of electronic copy of books is reducing the prices of hard bound and paperback books. The survey also revealed that a majority of people prefer extended café services and a big proportion liked author events and reading clubs at the brick and mortar stores. It is important to mention as a side note, that a few of the respondents suggested that they prefer to buy used books at Amazon, so the team decided to add a question about this type of service.

Potential Challenges
The study identifies challenges to both validity and reliability, which needs addressing to make the study both valid and reliable. To gain the specific answers, the researcher must word the questionnaire appropriately. By not rewording the research question well, the interview questions can be inadequate. For instance, there is the possibility that the data from the sample can be misleading terminology or present misunderstanding of the questions by the participants. Therefore, the analysis will have an error without rewording parts of the research question.
The reliability of the research is mostly on the validity of the entire process. Reliability is the extent to which results are consistent over time and an accurate representation of the total population under study to be reliable. If the results of a study produce a similar method the research instrument is reliable. Validity determines whether the research truly measures that which it was intended to measure or truthfulness of the research results.
Data collection from the original source in a controllable or an uncontrollable environment can have potential errors. There is no way to avoid errors in data collection; however, if the research receives several collections over a period, that will help to minimize some of the errors that may occur (Understanding Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research, 2003).
Outline of Steps
There are several steps that are available to researchers to minimize challenges. The steps allow the researcher to ensure that the most accurate data is in the collection. These steps include:
1. Have a large enough sample size so that outliers in the data will not affect the data.
2. Pilot testing the tool before completing the study to ensure validity and reliability of the tool.
3. Field testing the tool by having research experts in the field analyzes the tool to ensure that it is both valid and reliable.
4. When using interview questions, have a small number of interviewers with experience in interviewing techniques.
5. Use a small number of people responsible for analyzing the data.
Thereafter, the analyses can explore the types of possible responses.
Rationale for Survey Items
This table shows how the team categorized each question to answer the hypothesis.
Rationale for Survey Items
Is there a reduction of sales of traditional books since the release of e-books for electronic devices?
Is there a...

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