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Business Research Methodology Essay

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London school of commerce |
Business Research Methodology |
BABS: Semester 4 |
Mashrur Sadmaan Hasan ID: 0023MSOT0613 |
Dec-2013 |

Customer Satisfaction

Research Methodology

My research is about customer satisfaction of “cash in” and “cash out” services of bKash. I will talk about the usefulness of M-commerce by bKash and its success in Bangladesh for people with low income. For this, I will make a survey of 60 bKash customers and form 11 hypothesis’s about this. My model will show how each aspect of bKash’s services affects customer satisfaction. Using the research I will find if customers of bKash are satisfied and how ...view middle of the document...

Literature Review
Secondary sources are used to write a research proposal is the literature review. Reading this part is necessary to readers for understanding the literature required in writing the paper. An abstract accomplishment’s review can also be called a literature review. For a broader understanding, readers can go through all the references given in the paper. By using a cell phone as a channel, more channels can be provided to customers. This is a cheap method for consumers to access banking information, funds and payments. Also there are more than one mobile operator and many different cell phones, which make it hard for companies to serve all of them. Some cell phones use WAP, some use SMS and some use J2ME. Indian banks will target consumers who don’t have desktop internet but have a cell phone with MFC services. This will increase the success of mobile banking services. A Vital Analytics report showed that the most important reasons for using cell phone banking was to check bank balances and forty million were from urban areas. However, there is more room for development of mobile banking services in India.
Though internet use is high in densely populated Australian cities, it is still hard to spread online banking. Lack of awareness and security reasons are two major reasons for this. By giving better consumer service, banks can transfer more customers to online banking and this would save operating costs. If it is easy and safe, more consumers will carry out transactions online and by mobile. One of the main reasons why Indian customers do not prefer mobile banking is because of fraud and lack of security. They want more secure transactions and online safety.
Rozario F. and Abdullah D.N.M.A. carried out research to see the effect of quality of service and product on customer satisfaction. A sample of people staying in a renowned hotel in Malaysia was selected. The total number of people was one hundred and forty nine. A psychometric test was carried out on the sample to check if the questionnaire was valid and reliable. The result of the study showed that there was an important and positive relationship between the surroundings, locations and quality on customer satisfaction. Surprisingly, the relationship between customer satisfaction and food quality was negative. The main factor that gave greater customer satisfaction was the location and ambience, rather than the quality of food. This shows that the main factor for giving customer satisfaction is location.
A two stage factor analysis was carried out by Mishra JK and Jain M to study the factors influencing customer satisfaction on private and public banks in India. Analyzing ten factors and five dimensions of customer satisfaction relating to private and public banks, the study showed that an organization’s most important asset was customer satisfaction. This gives an organization greater competitive advantage and helps to grow long term relationship with...

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