Business Research Methods Part I Essay

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Business Research Methods Part I
Applied Business Research and Statistics
QNT 561

Business Research Methods Part I
In a world where the economy has caused so many losses to people, insurance is something that every person should have. Every day, it is reported of people not possessing insurance to cover home damage, car accidents, and even their lives. It would not be so unreasonable to expect the manufacturer or retailer to cover expensive electronics prone to damage and loss. This business research will address the research question involving AT&T’s iPhones, define a research design and offer a sample design.
Research Question
AT&T has put itself in the forefront of ...view middle of the document...

1). This will entail the gathering of data through a standardized self-administered questionnaire. The questions will range from level of interest in purchasing iPhone insurance to; tolerance in cost of purchasing phone insurance to; ease of acquiring insurance through phone purchasers or wanting to research for independent insurance to shop for rates. Characteristics of this study will involve the gender of the buyers, the buyer’s age, buyer’s income level, how often do they buy phones and how often have they had to replace phones because they have been broken or stolen. The amount of phones bought in a given period will be the dependent variable and how often phones have been replaced because of damage or loss will be the independent variable. Answers to these questions can help determine if this is a business advantage or disadvantage to AT&T offering their own iPhone insurance.
Sample Design
With the sample design of non-insured iPhone users who have coverage through AT&T, the determination is to find out how many other smart phones are insured with AT&T. This sample is a non-probability sample because the specific population we will be sampling. Through this sample design, each smart phone that AT&T provides to their customers will be subjected to see if there is insurance provided for those phones. With AT&T, the smart phones that they carry are iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Palm, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HP, Pantech, LG, and Nokia. Within...

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