Business Research Methods Part Ii Essay

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Business Research Methods, Part II
October 1, 2012

Target Corporation is the second largest discount retailer in the United States but they are making daily strides to gain momentum on the number one, Walmart. There are many problem areas that create deficiencies with customer satisfaction. The Research Design will be used in
conjunction with the data collection method, a survey. A well-crafted survey will serve the
purpose of gathering information from a target group of individuals with the desired purpose
of answering the hypothesis. The Survey method of collecting data ensures a professional level
of validity the study, while not allowing open ended ...view middle of the document...

| |
|Electronics Clothing Health and Beauty Sporting Goods Bed and Bath Other |
| Were you satisfied with your last purchase from Target? |
| |
|YES or NO |
| If YES, would you return to Target for future shopping needs? |
| |
|YES or NO |
| If NO to question six, please indicate why? |
| |
| Is the Target that you shopped conveniently located to your primary residence or primary shopping area? |
| |
|YES or NO |
| Were the items you were looking for easy to find? |
| |
|YES or NO |
|Were the employees friendly and knowledgeable of products? |
| |
|YES or NO ...

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