Business Research Methods Part Iii Essay

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Business Research Methods, Part III
Learning Team C
University of Phoenix
Applied Business Research & Statistics 561
March 14, 2011
2. Discuss if the study answered the original question.
H1: A positive relationship between levels of EI and DR in leaders.
H20: No difference in the relationship between levels of EI and DR in mid-level managers and senior managers.
H20: No difference in the relationship between levels of EI and DR in mid-level managers and senior managers.
H2: A difference in the relationship between EI and DR in senior managers versus mid-level manager.
The study proposed that managers possessing a higher level of EI would have a ...view middle of the document...

However, no difference existed in the relationships between EI and DR based on an individual’s level in management or leadership. The positive relationship between EI and DR support by the research study makes a very strong case of implementing a combined training program.
3. Discuss what recommendations you would make to your boss
Higher levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) lead to higher levels of Diversity as illustrated in the attached Data Analysis. When individuals of diverse demographics interact, there is inevitable anxiety and stress triggered leading to a decline in productivity as individuals, which become distracted from their responsibilities and duties. When Diversity Responsiveness coupled with Emotional Intelligence (Lee et al, 2008), EI helps deal with sources of this unproductive tension, and enables individuals understand that diversity is an opportunity for improved performance in a firm. It teaches one to master the emotions that diversity differences may evoke among individuals (Ellis, 1973). A strong self-understanding enhanced by EI also enables one to feel and express empathy and compassion to others. Consequently, satisfaction and loyalty of customers, stakeholders, and employees at large is increased, irrespective of their diverse characteristics.
The effect of emotional intelligence on diversity responsiveness is the same in younger employees as it is for older employees. This means that age difference does not affect emotional intelligence and diversity responsiveness. Concurrent training in Emotional Intelligence and diversity responsiveness results to an improvement in both males and females of the organization in an equal manner. The same remarkable improvement is noted regardless of the race composition among the workforce. The results therefore indicate that an integrated program of Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Responsiveness holds the potential of saving both training costs and training time, as it is beneficial to all, regardless of the leaders’ race, sex, and age. An integrated program of Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Responsiveness should be put in place.
4. Discuss potential challenges to validity and reliability of the research (question, data, and analysis) and how this might change the recommendations.
The purpose of research in business is to make sound reasoning decisions, optimizing operations, and maximizing profits. To obtain these goals business researchers employ the scientific method in their research: direct observation of phenomena, clearly defined variables, methods, and procedures, empirically testable hypotheses, ability to rule out rival hypotheses, statistical rather than linguistic justification of conclusions, self-correcting process (Cooper−Schindler, 2006, p. 30). Flawed research may lead to inappropriate decision-making, less than optimization of operation, and profits.
Following the scientific does not negate the possible pitfall of...

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