Business Research Methods, Part Iii – Starbuck’s

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Business Research Methods, Part III – Starbuck’s
October 7, 2012

Business Research Methods, Part III – Starbuck’s
In week four, we responded on the Starbucks dilemma of how the organization should go about maintaining faithful customers while disabling the old opinions as times change.
As stated, the probability sample design utilized will be in the form of a 10-question survey that will help the organization select a very specific group of people. Frequency, age group, location, gender and income are among the questions that will determine the target customer of the Starbuck’s product. Our collection methods will consist of directing a short survey among current Starbucks ...view middle of the document...

Our challenge was to develop survey questions that are short and concise, and not leading. Since our target population is existing Starbuck’s customers there is no bias present in our survey. In addition, we did not include open-ended questions, which although they let you get more insight into the respondents' thoughts and ideas about a subject, they are much more time consuming and difficult to analyze the data. Our choice of survey questions boosts reliability and accuracy of the data. A potential challenge to reliability is not using a large enough sample to accurately represent the views of a total population and customer tastes tend to change based on variables such as new products offered by competitors and price.
Minimizing These Challenges
In order to minimize these challenges, Starbuck’s can take certain steps to ensure success of the research process and any results that are incorporated. These steps include the following:
* Ensuring that any data collected is consistent and relevant
* Ensure that the research process and information is universal
* Be able to hold a conclusion without the use of human judgment
* Be able to specify the statistical data and ensure it is correct and accurate
* Also, be able to know the difference between the internal and external validity
General Response Types
As discussed, there are four general types of measurement scales: rating, ranking, categorization, and sorting (Cooper, D. R., & Schindler, P.S. 2011). These response types are defined as follows:
* Rating scale is used when participants score an object or indicant without making a direct comparison to another object or attitude.
* Ranking scale confines the study participant to making comparisons and determining the order among two or more properties or objects.
* Categorization asks participants to put themselves or property indicants in groups or categories.
* Sorting requires that participants sort cards (representing concepts or constructs) into piles using criteria established by the researcher.
The selection and construction of a measurement scale requires the consideration of several factors that can influence the reliability, validity, and practicality of the scale. The two broad research objectives are to measure the characteristics of the individuals who participate in survey and to use participants as judges of the objects presented to them (Measurement Scales, 2006).
However, rating scales can have several uses, design features, and requirements. The simple category scale offers two mutually exclusive response choices. The multiple-choice, single response scale offers the rater several options, including "other." The multiple-choice, multiple-response scale (a checklist) allows the rater to select one or several alternatives, which provides a cumulative feature. The Likert scale consists of a series of statements in which a participant is asked to agree or disagree with each...

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