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. Safeway Plc Introduction As a component part of my ASVCE course in Business Studies, I have to investigate various forms of business enterprise and write a detailed report on one medium-sized or large business. In assembling this report, I will be investigating, and analysing the following aspects of my chosen "case study", which is Safeway Plc, illustrating "Business at work"...> Objectives of the organisation.> The organisation and structure of the business.> The organisational culture of the business.> Communication channels used by the business.> Methods of monitoring quality assessment and control.> Value added by the business.> The impact of ICT upon the internal and external ...view middle of the document...

This very competitive market includes Tesco, Sainsburys and Walmart/Asda. Food retailing has undergone many changes in the recent past with the advent of the supermarkets in the U.K. during the late 1950's, and the mobility of the population (increasing car ownership). This sector has prospered over time as shopping habits have changed. The arrival of a new Chief Operating Officer Carlos Criado-Perez some two years ago resulted in a change of strategy, and has transformed Safeway from a "follower" to a dynamic leader in grocery retailing. This statement will be analysed elsewhere in this report. The Safeway brand is an international one born in the USA with outlets in other parts of the Americas and Europe. This report deals especially with Safeway Plc here in the U.K. where the company trades as an autonomous unit. (Quoted on the London Stock Exchange, in the FTSE 100). As mentioned earlier I contacted via e-mail many companies in my search for suitable material. I decided to choose Safeway Plc because I believe it to be the basis for an interesting case study. E1 How can I classify Safeway in terms of its ownership? What are the advantages and disadvantages, benefits and constraints of this form of ownership? Safeway is a Public Limited Company (Plc). A Public Limited Company tends to be larger than a Private Limited Company. A Public Limited Company can be abbreviated as Plc. There are around 1.2 Million registered limited companies in the U.K., but only around 1 per cent of them are public limited companies. However, they contribute far more to national output and employ far more people than private limited companies. The shares of these companies can be bought and sold by the public on the stock...

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