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Introduction 1

Aims 1

Assessment objectives 1

The scheme of assessment 2

Syllabus content

Paper 1: Part One:
Section A – The Nature of Law 3
Section B – The Effect of Law on the Individual 3

Paper 1: Part Two:
Section C – The Sources of Law 3
Section D – Law Enforcement and Administration 4

Paper 2:
Section A – The Market: the transfer of goods or the rendering of 4
services for cash or on credit terms.
Section B – The Workplace: the legal relationship between 4
employers and employees.
Section C – The Family: the ...view middle of the document...

4. provide a broad understanding of the various branches of law in order to give a fuller picture of the role of law.

5. provide knowledge of the sources of law, in particular statutes and cases, and of how these are applied to the determination of disputes.

6. develop an analytical and critical approach to the application of legal principles.

7. consider the appropriateness of dealing with certain aspects of behaviour within the law.

8. comply with the 1988 resolution of the Council of the European Community by encouraging candidates to acquire a knowledge and understating of the impact of European membership, and the position of the European Court of Human Rights on UK law, institutions and legal process.

Assessment objectives

The examination will test:

1. knowledge of legal rules as defined in the syllabus, including issues of current legal concern.

2. understanding of legal information and concepts, and the ability to identify the appropriate legal processes in different contexts.

3. an ability to evaluate the legal rules, information and concepts defined in the syllabus.

4. an ability to analyse information, select appropriate legal rules and to apply these in a reasoned manner in order to draw conclusions.

5. an ability to organise and present information, ideas, descriptions and arguments clearly and logically, using legal terminology, taking into account the use of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

The scheme of assessment

The examination will consist of two compulsory papers.

About 50% of the overall examination marks will be allocated to Knowledge and Understanding (AO1 and AO2) with the remaining 50% being allocated to Evaluation, Analysis and Application and Organisation and Presentation of information (AO3, AO4 and AO5).

|Assessment Objective |Paper 1 |Paper 2 |Total |
|1 |15% |10% |25% |
|2 |15% |10% |25% |
|3 |15% |12.5% |27.5% |
|4 |- |12.5% |12.5% |
|5 |5% |5% |10% |

Paper 1 (3 hours) 50% of total mark. This paper will consist of ten essay questions set on Sections A to D of the paper 1 content. Candidates will be required to answer any four questions two questions from Part One (Sections A and B) and two questions from Part Two (Sections C and D). All questions will carry equal...

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