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M2- My contribution to the whole selection process.

How effective was your contribution to the pre-selection interview preparations?

Before the selection interview took place I had to prepare a few documents. I also had to complete an application form for this role play as I was the interviewee. My pre-interview contribution to the preparations was really effective as I completed the application form as soon as it was given to me. Also I made a Curriculum Vita along with a covering letter to go with it for the job position I was applying for. Before the interview I had to have some knowledge on ...view middle of the document...

The role play met the assignment criteria and also lasted 20 minutes. The role play went smoothly as the interviewer and the interviewee did what was needed to be done. There was a pleasant atmosphere while the interview was being conducted and I the interviewee was kept at ease and did not feel uncomfortable when answering or asking any questions.

What could you have improved?

I believe I only had one thing to improve on was the correct tone and pace of my voice. The tone of my voice was not really good as I was mumbling. If the role play was done on another day I could have a better tone of voice as on the day of the role play I was not feeling well. Also the pace was sometimes a bit too slow or fast. As when answering to the interviewer questions I was answering the questions but the sometimes slow and the interviewer ask me another whereby I couldn’t finish answering the previous question. Also sometimes I was answering the questions fast and the interviewer is still considering my answer and I had to wait for the next question.

What went well for you?

My role was the interviewee, as an interviewee I made sure that my CV was up to date and got hold of any information of Tesco’s background so I have some knowledge on the company. On the role play I adopted a professional manner throughout the role play by having an enthusiastic and positive mind set. I wore smart business wear which made me feel like I am attending a real interview.

I use the correct body language so I can show to the interviewer that I confident and want to strive to success and are very motivated. I used eye contact and facial gestures to show I am listening and understand what the interwar is saying. I also demonstrated good communication and listening skills. I was familiar with the co background of Tesco therefore answered all the questions correctly. At the end of the role play I was able to ask the interviewer questions which were good as I was able to get information directly from the company about the job role.

What have you learnt from the experience?

From this experience I realised what skills a person needs to have in order to be part of a recruitment team when carrying the out the selection process. This experience has made me aware of what employers do before they even start to recruit people for their organisations. Also this experience allowed me to feel like how it is to be interviewed by an employer. From this experience I was able to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses when attending an interview. This experience also showed team work is really important as it play a major part to the success of a business as in a team each member can share their expertise and therefore can come to better conclusion.

BTEC National Diploma In Business

Unit 13- Investigating Recruitment and Selection

Write up an individual evaluation of your experience of planning and...

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