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BTEC Level 3 in Business – Unit 4: Business Communication


Businesses need accurate information. This information has to move between different individuals, different departments and different organisations. The information can be anything from a simple idea to masses of data on business performance. It can come from inside an organisation or from almost anywhere outside. Put simply, a business that does not plan how to deal with this information is a business much more likely to fail.

The Scenario

A medium sized business organisation has identified that communication within their organisation is poor. This has resulted in the calling in of a management consultant (you) to ...view middle of the document...


Task 3

Produce examples of the types of documents that would be needed in task 2.

Task 4

You will gather examples of real corporate communication documents to evaluate. Comment on the suitability, design and appropriateness of each example.

Task 5

There are various laws that govern the use of information in business. In addition to these laws are a variety of ethical issues that have to be addressed. You must explain how the business concerned must comply with these. You should explain current legislation and what codes of practice need to be put in place to safeguard the business and individuals from misuse of information.

Task 6

As you should appreciate by now businesses have to deal with information in large volume from various sources in very different forms. Handling all this information will have a fundamental effect on how a business operates. You should advise the business on how these issues should be addressed. Think about:
• Security issues.
• Health and safety.
• Complexity of information.
• Storage and access to information.

Task 7

You will be directed to information about a major company. You will analyse this information, thinking about:
• Who would need the information?
• How it would be sent/transmitted.
• Why it should be sent this way?
• What could/should be done with the information?

Task 8

You will be presented with a fictional case study regarding information and communication within the organisation. You will analyse this and comment on the legal, ethical and operational issues raised by the situation.

Assignment 2 – The Distinction Tasks

D1 evaluate the appropriateness of business information used to make strategic decisions

• Choose two functions, such as finance or marketing, of an organisation you have examined and find out what sort of information each function requires and uses.
• Find recent news stories (from up to the last 5 years) involving the business concerned and assess what strategic decisions have been made by the organisation and how the functional areas examined may have been involved. Evaluate these decisions in terms of how...

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