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Buy A Computer Essay

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Buying a Computer 

Buying a Computer is one of the hardest things to do. It's on the same level as buying a car, house, or picking the right mortgage company or insurance company. Its a hard to thing to do, but to make it easy here are few step you can take to decided what computer is best for you.
You first need to figure out what you want in a computer. Most people use there computer for games, music, blogging, emails, movies, shopping, and homework just to name a few. To buy the right computer for yourself no your needs and look for a computer that has feature that compliment them.
Next you want to look at price. Buying the best computer for the right price is so important because no one like wasting money, and if you spend money on things that your never going ...view middle of the document...

So the Hard drive is really imported. Next look at the Memory of your new computer. Memory helps you save a lot of papers,2Projects,PowerPoint's Music an a lot of other things. But a lot of memory is going to cost you, That's later. Also look at the software when buying a computer. Most computers now have free trails. Which I think is bad. You are paying a lot for the computer it can at least come with a little more program. Most computers come with games,Security Features which is also a free trail. So since we have the basics down. Lets look at the Brands. The top two big name brands are Mac and Dell. The Mac-book is one of the top computers out right now its a great computer. It doesn't come with many free trails like most new computer. The programs are already on the computer. Some features that come with a Mac-book are, Built in web-cam, 160hard drive,long battery life. The other Top rated computer is the Dell G360. With Dell they are really good computer and they hold up great but the only thing is to me Is the free trail. They have a Security program which is a free trail. An if you don't buy it after a month your computer will start acting up. Which bring me to a good point. When buying a computer make sure it comes with a Warranty. A Warranty will really help you in the long run. So make sure when buying a new computer at the check out you get the Warranty. Also at checkout there are going to be a lot of add-on”s. Like a caring bag ,cords cd/ro/'\]]'][]=\m and other things. Which brings me to my point. The best computer for a great price an a computer that will help you with your every need is The Mac-book. The software on every Mac-book is created by the same company that makes Mac itself. You get a completely integrated computer that is as Secure, stable and powerful as it is elegant and easy to use

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