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C++ Programming Essay

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C++ Programming

Module 1: Pointers and Memory Management

Module 1: Pointers and Memory Management



A step-by-step sequence of instructions that describes how to perform a computation.

Answers the question "What method will you use to solve this ...view middle of the document...

4. Code the algorithm into C.
5. Test the program using selected test data.

Space set aside for the variable:

Characters 1 byte (8 bits)
Pointers 4 bytes
Integers 2 bytes (16 bits) or 4 bytes (32 bits)
Short int or short 2 bytes
Unsigned int or unsigned 2 bytes
Long Integers 4 bytes
Floats 4 bytes(single precision, about 7 decimal places)
Doubles 8 bytes(double precision, about 15 decimal places)

Type Space

a) double *values; __________________ ________________________

b) long x[1000]; __________________ ________________________

c) char *s = "string"; __________________ ________________________

d) char s[] = "string"; __________________ ________________________

e) char *name [10]; __________________ ________________________

f) int y; __________________ ________________________


This assignment is to reinforce the idea of the big picture.
Your consulting firm has been hired to develop computer application(s) for a book store that will be opening in a local shopping center in 6 months. These applications will help the owner keep track of employee payroll, inventory, special orders, etc.
Your group should decide the following:
1. How many different applications do you need to write?
2. Can you use applications that have already been developed?
3. How are you going to divide up the project?

Turn in the following:
1. Structure charts for the applications you need to develop inhouse.
2. List of inputs and outputs for each applications.
3. List of variables and memory requirements for each application.

Be prepared to:
1. Describe your applications.
2. Why did you select these applications.
3. Defend your logic.

Scope of a variable is the part of the program where it can be used.

An "automatic" variable is declared at the beginning of a function or in the function’s argument list and its scope is limited to the function it is declared in. Two automatic variables of the same name but in different functions are unrelated.

An "external" variable is declared outside any function and its scope is from the point of declaration to the end of the file.


External (and static) variables are initialized to zero by default.

Automatic variables
- contain undefined values unless they are initialized.
- lose their values when the call to the function they are declared in is over.


integer constant 1 345 -10
character constant 'a' 't' (in single quotes)
real constant 2.3 3e10 .12E-5
string constant "abc" "a" (in double quotes)

Arithmetic Operators

* , /, %

+ , -

Relational Operators

, >=

== is equal to
!= is not equal to

Logical Operators


&& AND

|| OR

++, --

Assignment Operators

var op= expr

is equivalent to

var = var op expr


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