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C200 Task 1 Essay

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As learned through the textbook and other references for this course the management theories and practices utilized within an organization can help or hinder the success of said organization. Through this paper I will review the strengths and weaknesses of American Healthcare Corporation’s (AHC) IT&S Southern Division as well as critique their primary leader.
AHC’s IT&S Southern Division
AHC is a large for-profit national healthcare provider network owning and managing over 150 hospitals, 40 surgery centers and hundreds of physician practices across the continental United States. AHC’s primary goal is to provide industry-leading healthcare in the most efficient and cost effective manner ...view middle of the document...

IT&S attempts to accomplish this by partnering with the business to assist in best practice identification and, once established, the standardization of those practices across all of its 24 facilities. IT&S also fosters the standardization of systems and applications across the division. The goal of this standardization is to simplify the methodology for troubleshooting, allow easier cross training and lower the “cost of ownership” for systems. It also reduces the man-hours needed to implement systems, investigate problems and conduct routine maintenance due to many other facilities already going through the process.

IT&S Southern Division Leadership Practices

With the responsibilities placed on the IT&S Southern Division it obviously requires strong decisive leadership to manage the personnel and its services. The Chief Information Officer leads the IT&S Southern Division. As most leaders of large organizations, the CIO uses various styles and practices to manage the IT&S team. Although the CIO uses several styles of leadership she leans heavily toward the Interactive Style. Per Roserer (1995), the Interactive style means that the leader favors a consensual and collaborative process, and influence derives from relationships rather than position power or formal authority. The CIO for IT&S Southern Division does just that as her foundation of strength comes from her ability to create and nurture deep relationships with those around her. As a woman, her style lines up with studies that show women are more likely to excel in some of the key abilities that successful interactive leaders possess (Daft, 2014).
The CIO is also an employee-centered leader. The IT&S Southern Division balances approximately 300 projects within its portfolio at any given time. Considering this workload clear goals must be set and carried out through the talented employees that are distributed into specialized areas of the hierarchal structure. The CIO must depend on the department heads and managers of each area to efficiently and effectively complete the tasks required to meet these goals. The CIO initiates structure by meeting with the leadership team and together they set clear tasks and goals for the organization. Once the goals are agreed upon and communicated to the organization, the CIO provides the support needed to meet the goals. Her support consists of giving time to meet with managers and staff to listen and give advice, as well as, the resources and tools the teams need to meet the goals. The empowerment and consideration she gives to the managers to make their own decisions and lead their specialized areas assists in increasing output and the autonomy encourages them to be more engaged in the projects.
With one of the stronger leadership qualities of the CIO being relationship building, the CIO is able to use the situation leadership style with her team. The CIO spends quality time with her leadership team through regular group...

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