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C31 Developing Yourself In A Management Role

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C31 Developing yourself in a management role

Question 1

To enable me to assess my management style in respect of managing my own self management and managing my team under different circumstances can be a daunting prospect even under normal conditions. The reasoning behind this is that there are a variety of styles each with their own unique characteristics applicable either to a certain person or situation.

Historically, there have been various attempts to try and prepare a list of styles which are common to all, however I don’t think this would be very effective as to try and assess myself could indeed send mixed messages to either my team or myself and not truly reflect the ...view middle of the document...

9 |
|Verbally presents information and ideas clearly and concisely |5.0 |
|Confidently presents to all levels |4.6 |
|Makes relevant, clear and concise contributions at meetings and other forums |5.0 |
|Sets clear goals for individuals and the team to achieve defined outcomes |4.5 |
|Shares knowledge and experience with others |5.6 |
|Makes time to support and coach others |4.5 |
|Asks for feedback from colleagues at all levels |4.8 |
|Shows respect for the views of others |4.9 |
|Gives support and credit to others whenever appropriate including motivation to all members of the team |4.5 |
|Encourages involvement from other members of the team |4.5 |
|Uses their time and resources effectively to maximise output and minimise costs |4.5 |

Although the results obtained in Table 1 are an average of the overall rating, they give a clear indication of my strengths, weaknesses and overall prepared styles. For instance, they see me as able to freely share knowledge and experiences with others which were reflected as a high rating yet at the same time areas for improvement would be support, motivation and trying to encourage involvement from others which was reflected as a lower rating. In order for me to be effective as a manager I must have a combination of good interpersonal skills and at the same time be fully aware of the necessity for personal self development.

If I was to assess my management style which I would need to do if I am to manage a team effectively and efficiency, I would need to classify my existing style, analyse it and put a detailed plan into action which would address the perceived weaknesses and encourage the strengths which I will cover later in this assignment.

There are many unforeseen problems that can occur when managing a team under different circumstances. For instance, there could be conflict between key players within the team or individual members bring personal problems to work such as divorce, death, or related drug abuse, all which can affect the smooth operation of the team. One such example occurred within the team when a certain competent employee was overlooked for a...

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