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Caffeine Free Essay

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The lack of caffeine can have drastic effects on the body and mind. As an experiment, I went an entire day without taking in any caffeine. My goal was to skip my usual two cups of coffee in the morning, my afternoon chocolate and any soda and then determine the effects on my body and mind. The effects of not consuming any caffeine were greater than anticipated. I felt physically drained, had a headache and couldn’t think straight.
I normally have one to two cups of coffee every morning while getting ready for the day. On this particular morning I skipped my coffee completely. I was very slow getting ready in the morning. It was hard to get motivated without my coffee. I was sleepy and groggy ...view middle of the document...

The yawing continued through the night.
I also had a headache for the majority of the day. About a year ago I went to a neurologist for chronic headaches. I found out that I, like many Americans, am addicted to caffeine. When a person who is addicted to caffeine doesn’t get their “fix”, a typical side effect is having a headache. This is what happened to me. It started out mid-morning with just a slight pressure. By the afternoon, because I hadn’t had my coffee or chocolate snack, the slight pressure had turned into a throbbing headache. It became difficult to concentrate on basic tasks. With having a headache and being so tired, this turned out to be a very long day.
I found myself forgetting things as well. I had a hard time thinking of words, mostly nouns. Occasionally I would answer the phone at work and my mind would just go blank before talking. I had a hard time getting anything out of my mouth. After a while, I got very frustrated with myself. Occasionally I just stopped, took a few breaths, counted to ten and then continue. It was like my brain knew what it wanted to say, but the words got all mixed up when they got to my mouth, similar to the telephone game you played in kindergarten.
All in all, this was an eye opening experiment. I now know the effects of going all day without any caffeine in my system. I didn’t drink my normal two cups of coffee in the morning, didn’t drink any caffeinated soda and I held back the temptation for chocolate. I was expecting to be tired most of the day but I didn’t expect to get such a big headache. I also didn’t realize that I would have so much trouble talking and thinking of words. This is an experiment that I don’t think I will try again anytime soon.

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