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Cage Analysis

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Diversity | 13 ethnic groups and 27 sub groups. | 3 Major Etnic Tribes: Baganda, Basoga and Bagisu. | 3 Major Ethnic Tribes: Yoruba, Hausa-Fulani and Igbo |
Language, Religion, Ethnicity | The Most Spoken Languages are English and Swahili. | The Most Spoken Languages are English, Swahili and Arabic. | Over 250 languages. English is the official language |
Gender | 1.02 Males/Female | 1.03 Males/Females | 1.031 Males/Females |
Inequality (GINI) | 47.7 % | 44.3% | 42.9% |
Individualism | Collectivist Society | Collectivist Society | Collectivist Society |
Quality of Life (Interpersonal Relationship Vs Material Aspect) | Interpersonal ...view middle of the document...

South African Development Community: Hence a lot of opportunities | East African Community(EAC)COMESA.Poor Infrastructure network let to drop in uganda’s trade flow to COMESA | Member of OPEC,ECOWAS(Economic Community Of  West African States) and G20. |
Historical or Current Political Stability | Multi Party Democracy & Stability Since Independence. | Has rebound from Civil War and is from 1990’s. However, still a generation is lost due to human rights abuses. |  Nigeria's political parties are pan-national and irreligious in character .Ethnic clashes exist |
Laws & Regulations | Independence of Kenya’s courts is compromised.Judicial system is incompetent, corrupt. | | Inherited the English common lawtradition.There also exists Islamic(Muslim) courts and customary courts use aninquisitorial approach in their criminalprocedures. |
NGOs | Considerable role in building Kenya’s economy. It’s run by expats. Estimate spent of $4billion. | Include both big and small organizations and also small community groups that work on voluntary effort. | In the paint industry, several NGOs that fight against the excess level of lead. |
Corruption | Score of 27/100 on Transparency International’s corruption Index. | Score of 29/100 on Transparency International’s corruption Index. | Score of 139/176 on Transparency International’s corruption Index. |
Institutional Void | Relatively deep economic system. | Deep Institutional Voids. | |
IPRs | Rank 95/100 on IPR Index published International IPR Index | Rank 55/100 on IPR Index published International IPR Index | Rank 103/130 on IPR Index published International IPR Index |
Political Hostility | Political Instability index score is 7.5 | Political Instability index score is 6.5 | |

From an administrative point of view it is better to invest in a trading hub in Kenya given its deep economic system. Uganda because of limited trade within the trade blocs may not be suitable for a long term put. There are institutional voids in Uganda which manifests itself in terms of poor infrastructure. Asian paints should not invest in a manufacturing facility in these countries and should treat them as export markets.
Geographic: | KENYA | UGANDA | NIGERIA |
Size | 580,367 Sq. Km | 241 038 km² | 923,768kmsq.14th largest country in Africa |
Climate | Tropical along the coast – rainfall and cool throughout. Arid further inside. | Tropical; generally rainy during March to May, September to November),remaining months (December to February, June to August) comprise Uganda's two dry seasons | Tropical Climate.Hot and wet in SoutheastDry in Southwest and inland |
Transportation | Extensive paved & unpaved roads. Railways link major ports & cities. | Uganda uses a multi-modal transport system, based on road, air, railway, lake andRiver transport services. | Extensive paved & unpaved roads. Railways link major ports & cities. |
Landlocked | No. | Yes | No |
Ports | Major...

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