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Call Of The Wild Essay

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In the book, Call of the Wild, written by Jack London, a character in my book who happens to be a dog, Buck, who goes through some conflicts in which he tries to resolve. Some conflicts such as, continually being moved from owner to owner, getting beaten or whipped, having a loved-one pass away, and meeting some other ‘not-so-nice’ dogs. Being a dog, there isn’t much you can do for yourself, but there are ways that Buck seemed to resolve the conflicts that then had not yet been resolved.
Nobody likes to be sold, and put into uncomfortable cages being transferred to some other area. This becomes so frequent for Buck that there was really no other way to cope to it rather than, to ...view middle of the document...

One of the leaders was Spitz, the ‘lead dog on the team.’ Buck and Spitz immediately developed this rivalry for lead dog position. Even before this, another dog, Curly had been brutally killed by a pack of huskies, after getting off a boat, and unfortunately to Buck’s dismay, he had seen the whole incident.
Other than these past incidents, losing a loved one is never easy, especially for Buck. John Thornton and Buck had a very good human-dog relationship. This happened because Thornton saved buck from being brutally beaten by a past master of his. Let us not forget how that in return from Thornton saving Buck, Buck returns the favor in saving Thornton from drowning in a river. This was a continued strong bond up until the day that Thornton dies, and buck will never soon forget Thornton.
Buck had ways to overcome, or at least ways to ‘try’ to resolve these conflicts he had encountered in his past. Buck had to learn how to obey the club-beating. While fighting back and getting brutally hurt in the process, learning that the club will always out win him. As far as the sled-dogging goes, it was fine at first until he was sold to Hal, Mercedes, and Charles, who beat the dogs, starved them, and later lets them die, a long miserable death. How this was resolved was that...

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