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Calyx And Corolla Essay

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Calyx & Corolla (C&C) is a fast growing company with great potential.  Their mail-order catalog provides customers with the freshest flowers in the market, delivered directly to one’s doorstep for the same price as local florists.  Customers have been highly receptive to this model, and the company revenues have grown to over $10 million annually in just three years.  Yet, even with gross profit margins of 76%, they have not turned a profit due to their high sales and marketing costs.  While it may not be uncommon for a startup to take a few years to get in the black, the issue at hand is that C&C’s sales and marketing costs are growing just as quickly as their revenues. ...view middle of the document...

 After analyzing the current marketing approach and consumer needs, it is clear that C&C should focus primarily on three segments: commercial businesses, flower enthusiasts, and individuals away from home. Commercial businesses seek fresh flowers at a lower cost, which they can have by selecting arrangements from the catalog and subscribing to periodic deliveries. C&C can identify flower enthusiasts and individuals living away from home (e.g., those at college, in a long-distance relationship, or in the military), two segments that most seek the company’s value proposition, among both existing customers and potential consumers.
C&C’s unique value proposition is the delivery of fresh, high-quality flowers. Exhibit 2 describes how sensitive some potential segments are to benefits offered by C&C. The aforementioned segments care most about these attributes; customers who are most concerned with other company attributes (e.g. shipping) are more likely to use competitors who can offer the same service. For example, it would be unwise for C&C to target the convenience-oriented and rural dwelling customers, who do not care most about freshness. Commercial businesses clearly represent a segment that is drawn to most of the company’s offerings. Hospitals, spas, and hotels are particularly interested in creating ambience for their customers and saving money in the long-run. Pitching C&C as a premier supplier of the freshest, longest-lasting flowers would resonate significantly with this group. Flower enthusiasts and individuals away from home have market needs that align with C&C’s products; the company can use these categories to guide their marketing and capture more of those individuals.
One area in which C&C could drive up sales is among customers who already understand the benefit of the company’s offerings and business model.  The establishment of a loyalty program would allow the company to aggressively target these consumers through both the use of incentives and increased customer data. C&C’s loyalty program would allow customers to earn points through purchases, which could be applied to receive free orders or gift cards, creating an incentive for customers to return to C&C for their floral needs.  As an added incentive to drive repeat business, the loyalty plan would include status tiers based on the number of orders a customer has placed in a lifetime.  This would primarily be focused on flower enthusiasts, who would most likely make regular purchases. After a customer achieves status, he would be eligible for regular discounts on future orders and for special promotional offers.  In addition to creating an incentive for repeat business, a loyalty program would also allow the company to...

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