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Campaign Finance Essay

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(H)Seven billion. This is not referring to the number of people in the world or how far some galaxy cluster is away from Earth. It is the amount of money spent during the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Politicians consistently use unprecedented amounts of money during campaigns to ensure victory. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, “Election campaigns for public office are expensive. Candidates need funding for support staff, advertising, traveling, and public appearances. Unless they are independently wealthy, most must finance their campaigns with contributions from individuals and from businesses and other organizations.” The issue that arises is the matter of how this money ...view middle of the document...

(AIA 1) If the government reforms the laws for campaign contributions, then more politicians will have the opportunity to be heard, and if more politicians can get their message out, then wealthy corporations and individuals can stop widening the gap between rich and poor.
Funding comes from many different angles during campaigns. Corporations, conglomerates, and organizations all give funding to candidates, but they are not the biggest funders. (TAM) In “Super Pacs and the Presidential Election,” Anthony J. Nownes logically reveals through statistical evidence that, contrary to popular belief, individuals provide more political contributions than any other form of donor. Nownes explains this when he states, (Q) “The media tend to focus on the money that comes from interest groups and their PACs, but these groups actually play a minor role in our elections relative to regular people like us.” (CTA 1) These corporations tend to be covered by the media more when donating to campaign because of their large public image, but it is the “regular people like us” that truly influence campaign funding the most. (CTA 2) While big businesses do greatly assist candidates in donations it is important “to reiterate: individuals are by far the most important sources of money for campaigns.” This makes it easy for wealthy individuals to impact the dynamics of a campaign to benefit themselves and people like them. (AIA) If politicians rely on private donors to provide funds to campaigns, then those politicians might exchange favors in order to gain funding, and subsequently allow the wealthier subset of the population to help themselves. (VP/TR) Although lawmakers establish regulations in regards to financing campaigns, wealthy private donors continue to find ways around the government to get their wealth to politicians.
Campaign Finance Loopholes:
Campaign finance laws have loopholes that are exploited by candidates and private enterprises, and reforms are necessary to fix these loopholes; therefore, campaign finance laws need reform. Companies see elections as a business, so they do not necessarily back the candidate with the ideas that coincide with their financial goals. In “Democrats and citizens united: an unlikely embrace,” Andy Kroll uses an expert opinion to logically convey that these super PACs will back any candidate they see as having the best chance to win the campaign. (Q) “Obama campaign manager Jim Messina on joining Priorities USA Action super PAC, which turns into a pro-Hillary Clinton organization: ‘I think the numbers clearly show that she's the strongest presidential candidate on the...

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