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Application Case 7-2 - Are new Recruits looking for Work-Life Balance?
Anyone who has tried to balance his or her time between a busy job and a fulfilling personal life knows how challenging a work-life balance can be. An indisputable fact is that work and personal lives are interconnected. ...view middle of the document...

These individuals are welcomed back to work and placed back into career-oriented positions.
Are companies using work-life balance programs to attract top candidates to join their firms? The answer is yes. Whirpool attempts to attract recruits with the company’s family friendly culture. To illustrate, the company arranged for housing for an intern and his family for the entire summer.
At Xerox, two executives successfully share one job so that they can have more time at home with their young children. After 10 years, the job-sharing arrangement is working whereby both executives report high levels of satisfaction with the arrangement, and the company has been able to retain two productive and experienced employees.
Flexible program that allow employees limited control over which days and hours they have to be working at the office are becoming popular at many companies. For example an employee may prefer to work a 4-day/10-hour-a-day week instead of traditional 5-day/8-hour-a-day week. The shorter work week may allow the employee to attend children’s sporting events, provide weekend care for an elderly parent, or engage in other important activities. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte Touche, and Cingna implemented flextime programs.
Related to flextime is telecommuting, which allows employee to work in their home part or full time while being connected to the office via the Internet, phone lines, and the like. Although some managers and supervisors fear a loss of control from this type of work-family arrangement, companies like Pfizer have been careful to create an effective telecommuting policy. For example, in order to qualify for this program, Pfizer employees are required to demonstrate that the work can be accomplished off-site, to submit a formal proposal outlining performance standards, and to limit the number of days worked off-site to no more than two per week.
Work-life balance programs such as job sharing, flextime and telecommuting are designed for both retaining current employees and attracting potential employees to the firm. As new college graduates increasingly find themselves providing care to both their aging parents and young children, the value of these programs will only increase. Undoubtedly, this will make work-life friendly companies more attractive in the marketplace.

Discussion Question
1. Why is there a need for companies to offer work –family balance programs such as flextime, telecommuting and job sharing?

The need of work family balance such as flex-time, telecommuting and job sharing is because the demand of child care and elderly care programs are increasing vastly. Since the workforce is now shifting from the composition of baby boomers to Gen X and Gen Y it is assumed that they need more time to spend with their child and support their elderly at the same time and creating a sandwiched generation....

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