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Can Locke's Goal Setting Approach To Motivation Be Used To Self Motivate. 'this Is A Short Introduction To The Topic, Should Not Be Used For Higher Level Work'

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Introduction"The basic premise of goal theory is that people' goals or intentions play an important part in determining behaviour". Basically this means that if a person sets him/herself a goal then their behaviour will likely be geared to achieving that goal.As can be seen from the model it is a persons desires and wants that lead on to the creation of goals, which affect the behaviour of the individual which then lead to the outcome of the behaviours. It can also be seen that the "Goal deficiency/difficulty" and the degree of commitment to achieving goal affect the behaviour of the person, namely the effort put in to achieving the goal.Implications for managersLocke identified factors which managers need to take into consideration ...view middle of the document...

If a goal is difficult to achieve then more time and effort are usually put in to completing the task. If a goal is considered easy then the person may not try hard enough to do it.-Complete accurate and timely feedback and knowledge of results is usually associated with high performance.Why doesn't setting goals always work?A number of factors have been identified that help to explain why the setting of goals does not always produce high performance.-Trust levels between manager and employee. If there is a breakdown in trust between manager and employee then goals set may questioned and not fulfilled.-Feedback to the employee. If the employee does not know what needs improving or how to improve then the goal cannot be satisfied.-Economic dynamism. If the economy of industry in which the company operates then the setting of long term can be a pointless process if circumstances can change considerably in a short period of time.ConclusionGoal theory can be a very productive and performance enhancing exercise provided the conditions are right. If a person has set achievable and specific goals agreed by both the employee and manager then provided that the person has the skills to carry out the task then the goals should be achieved. If goals are simply set without this attention then the person may find it difficult to achieve.ReferencesMullins, L, J (2002) Management and Organisational Behaviour, Prentice Hall, HarlowMartin, J (2001) Organizational Behaviour (2nd edn), Thomson, London, K, R. Cleveland, J, N. Kinney, T, B. Skattebo, A, L. (2003) Irish Journal of Management, Vol. 24, Iss. 1; pg. 48,

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