Can Promoting Diversity Among Transportation Security Administration Employees Improve Security And Passenger Relations?

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With the globalization of companies we continue to see an increase in the number of diverse employees as well as the types of diversities within an organization. Diversity among the workforce increases an organizations competitiveness through the ability of diverse employees to enhance creativity and innovation while making better decisions. If an organization wants to become a leader in their respective market then diversity initiatives must be a cornerstone in the organization. The Transportation Security Administration does not sell a product to the market in a traditional sense. Their market is the acceptance of passengers to the security screening process. So while most ...view middle of the document...

If an organization wants to become a leader in their market then effective practices and diversity initiatives must be a cornerstone beginning with Human Resource Departments and expanding though every aspect of the organization. When discussing how this impacts the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) it is important to remember that they do not sell a product to the market in a traditional sense. Their market is the acceptance of passengers to a security screening process. So while most organizations goals are measured by profitability, the TSA is measured by acceptance. An increase in employee diversity will therefore, result in greater acceptance by passengers to security screening procedures due in part to better understanding and acceptance of the diverse members of the public.
Why encourage Diversity? One important if not overlooked reason is to meet legal requirements. The government has mandatory non-discrimination laws which can result in large monetary penalties or the loss of government contracts. Therefore, it makes sense to employ a diverse workforce if for no other reason than to prevent loss of revenue through legal ramifications. Since the Transportation Security Administration is a federal agency they have no choice but to follow legal regulations. Second is organizational marketing strategy. Having a diverse workforce will assist in selling products to people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. By hiring employees with diverse backgrounds, organizations ensure that their products and services meet the needs of their diverse customers. Diverse employees in the Transportation Security Administration can improve upon the services it provides, transportation security, by providing security while being sympathetic to numerous cultural and religious differences among passengers. As diversity grows within their organization it also grows within their vendors and partners. So by having a diverse workforce organizations are better equipped for engaging in external interactions and communications between businesses. In order to succeed companies must continually progress creatively and innovatively. Companies with a diverse workforce have better problem solving capabilities, can adapt to unusual and new opportunities, and have an easier time identifying these opportunities and can adapt them for use within their organization. The reason that these people adapt easier to situations is believed to be because a diverse group is more creative and contemporary their non-diverse counterparts. Diversity in the workforce will improve the quality of the organizations management by drawing from a larger pool of applicants for managerial positions. Therefore, a diverse organization can expect to increase their competitiveness by increasing sales to minority groups, through better creativity and more contemporary ideas, they will be extremely innovative with enhanced problem solving, better flexibility, and...

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