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What Makes the Canadian Health Care System
Canada’s health care system is strongly support by Canadian citizens. It is truly remarkable for any country to have implemented and achieved a federal managed universal health care system is and clearly impressive for the health care system to be so greatly support as well. There are many policies that contribute to the standard and quality in Canada’s health care agencies that are continually upheld by private practices and enforced be the Canadian government. Although there is government provided health care, private insurances is still an option for Canadians and minimally is utilized (CHST, i. t., n.d.). Reviewing successful health care ...view middle of the document...

t., n.d., p. 4).
Like the United States, there is a limitation within their Constitution regarding specifics in delivery of health care to the individual. Therefore, the health care is actually managed at the provincial jurisdiction level. This is beneficial in that the national government assists with funding the provincial level, but is not having to actually administer health care at the national level. This means administering health care closer to the end-user individuals and is usually more cost-effective this way. The national government has not abdicated its authority however. “Although the federal government is not responsible for health care administration, organization or delivery, it can exert considerable influence on provincial health care policies by using the political and financial leverage afforded by the spending power” (CHST, i. t., n.d., p. 4).
Health Care In Action
According to Health Canada (2005), “Primary health care is the foundation of the health care system. It is the first point of contact people have with the health care system. It could be through a doctor, a nurse, another health professional, or perhaps through phone or computer-based services” (p. 1). The actual delivery of health care is obtained by assigning each individual to a Primary Care Provider (PCP). The PCP then refers individuals to other health care resources, whether the hospital, long terms care or specialist, with the approval of a community board. If an individual is referred to long term care, the medical care is provided at the expense of the health care plan, but the actual room and board portion is paid by the individual (Health Canada, 2005).
The benefits to this plan of delivery is that all get some sort of health care and it is based on Primary Care delivery model, which has demonstrated that prevention is better than treating after the fact in both quality of life and economically. The downside to this plan is that there is an extended analysis period of approval of health care for needs and a waiting list of specialty care access due to resource limitations.
Physician Review
One of the concerns which have come about since enactment of the national health care system in Canada is a disproportional utilization of resources. According to Kennedy and News (2010), “The report found that government health spending in the country's largest provinces — Ontario and Quebec — now consumes more than half of total provincial revenues” (p.1). There is also a growing time frame for a referral to a specialist from 9.3 weeks in 1993 to 18.2 weeks in 2010 (Kennedy and News,...

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