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Canada’s Military Contributions To World War I, World War Ii And Korean War

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Every 11 hour, 11 day of the 11th month we express our gratitude to those Canadian soldiers who fought courageously in the wars of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Lest We Forget is a famous phrase that everyone has heard or seen in the month of Remembrance Day. This phrase reminds us daily about the losses of loved ones and the possibilities of declaring another conflict that could hurt millions of people. Canada's war experiences have defined its nation. Due to Canada's numerous contributions to the World War I, World War II and the Korean War, Canada has earned a reputation as an independent strong fighting force, a supportive ally and eventually as a valuable peacekeeping ...view middle of the document...

One of the Canadian officers who fought in Vimy Ridge said, “I witnessed the birth of a nation.’ And so did the world.

After the battle of Vimy Ridge, another one was declared on July 1917 and it was called, Passchendaele. This was the worst battle the Canadian Corps had to fight because there was plenty of mud that seemed limitless in the ground. The cause of these bottomless mud are the shells that have been thrown on the land in which caused no drainage. The mud made it too hard to maneuver for soldiers to fight and walk through the land. General Currie objected the offer for Canadian Corps to fight in this war, but he was ignored. Thus, he made a complaint that the battle would cost him 16, 000 men to fight with the British army, and surprisingly he had an accurate forecast with 15, 654 dead and wounded. Though, Prime Minister Borden could not handle the amount of deaths and wounded soldiers from the Canadian Corps, and confronted British Prime Minister for Canadian Corps to withdraw if they were improperly used again. In the battle there were also casualties of half a million men who were either from Germany and the Allies fighting in Passchendaele.

Canada had been granted independence in 1931 from the Statute of Westminster, though Canada was still associated with the British Commonwealth. However, it took Canada a week before issuing a declaration of war to Germany, which is a significant move by Canada because they had finally become a sovereign nation. Canada became Britain’s biggest ally because Canada had full commitment in military contributions to Britain and its allies. Examples of this could be taken from the declaration of war to Germany. Even though, Canada had fewer warships, and skilled army, they still supplied 11.5 million French Canadian and Canadian volunteers for abroad and military services.

Canada had also signed an agreement with United States and became their mutual continental defense through an agreement called the, Permanent Joint Board on Defense. With this agreement Canada had shown to the world, how close ties United States and Canada were. During World War II, the economy of Canada rose because there was full employment of war weaponry industries and women were allowed to participate in any role available in the armed forces except fight the actually battles.

There is one war that is called the ‘unforgotten war’, also...

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