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Canada's Urban Areas Essay

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Canada’s Urban Areas
Urban areas are an important part of Canada’s population since 81% of our population lives there, and 91% of immigrants choose to settle there. Some will grow fast and other will decline due to emigration. These changes will present new opportunities for economic and social progress, but will also challenge us to make sure that all Canadians can live well.

Settlement Hierarchy
The classification of settlement is determined by size and function.
* As settlements increase in population size, the distance between settlements of similar size increases
* As settlement size increases, the number and complexity of the settlement’s functions increase as well
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Visible Minority – in Canada the ethnic group that is not white or Caucasian. This includes our native and immigrant populations.

As we can see, some of Canada’s cities are very diverse, but it is discovered that certain cultural groups – including immigrants, minorities and Aboriginal people – often live together in enclaves (distinct area within a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct) e.g. China town, little Italy

This clustering of enclaves is often encouraged by many factors such as people feeling more comfortable surrounded by others of their cultural background and language. But these enclaves may also create barriers to social integration and understanding between ethnic groups.

Effects of Clustering vs. Wider Distribution of Immigrants in Canada
Effects of Clustering (Enclaves) | Effects of Wider Distribution |
Immigrants adapt more easily (they can get support, obtain goods and services from their home country etc. | Immigrants have less support from their own ethnic group, and may not feel as comfortable in the community |
There may be more opportunities...

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