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Upon reading the Canadian Pioneers-A New Definition of an Old Idea by Janine Beach essay I felt frustrated and it created a sense of confusion to me. The Canadian Pioneer essay made me question my identity in the society at the same time I also realized that you get labeled according to your race and that cultural stereotyping even exists today in a place like Canada. All of the issues discussed in the “Canadian Pioneers” essay are what makes up the society today.
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Our society is like a jungle because every human has an identity in the society, but after reading the “Canadian Pioneers” essay I am trying to find where I belong in the ...view middle of the document...

This point of view is a result of all the discrimination against Janine and her friends.
• Janine’s friends have been stopped and questioned by the police in their own neighborhood just because they are black.
All races have people with different colour and languages, but you label every person according to their individuality not according to their race.
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Canada being one of the most multicultural nations in the world, we still see cases of cultural stereotyping in our society.
• An example of cultural stereotyping is shown in this quote “ One of my male friends who is a medical student has accustomed to the frightened glances of white woman when he passes them on city streets, as they clutch their purses a little bit more tightly”(3). This is a stereotype that every black person is a thief.
• Janine’s mom who is the principal of the school is often mistaken for being school’s cleaning lady. This is another...

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