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Cannery Row Writing Assignment

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The reason that Lee Chong is the second most respected man of Cannery Row is that he was a good businessman. He knew how to run a successful business. He treated everyone with the kind of respect he wanted to be treated with. When people needed food, but didn't have the money to pay he ...view middle of the document...

That shows that even though he is nice he is still a good businessman. When Horace Abbeville came to Lee Chong to pay off his dept. When Horace offers him the fish meal warehouse, even though it is a bad business decision Lee Chong okay's the deal because he is a nice person. Then when Mack and the Boys come to the Store they ask if they can live there, if they pay rent. Again, even though he knows that they wont pay he is nice and agrees to the terms. He then realizes that by doing this he has some allies and they wont steal from him anymore. The next big thing is that he lets Mack pay for his grocery's in frogs because he sees that this is a good business venture because he makes money on every frog.I have given you the reason why I think that Lee Chong is a good businessman and I have given you reason from the story why he is respected. That is my report thank you .

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